Monday, February 1, 2010


A beautiful sunny start to Sunday morning. The local market town sparkled in the morning light, the limestone of the houses glowing gold and the old stained glass windows in the church glinting. This part of the world used to be English before the Hundred Years War and somehow it still manages to look the part six centuries on. Of course here you can get a fresh croissant on a Sunday morning.

As always Wilfs pancreatitis attack lasted for exactly twelve hours - four am to four pm. If he was to miss his evening meal I'd know something was seriously wrong. This morning he's back to his normal affable self . He is desperately in need of a thorough grooming. The word 'shaggy' comes to mind.

Off to London for two days so must rush to get to the airport. Will post when I get back on Wednesday.


  1. Yes that does look a beautiful town. And no snow (unlike here, again!)
    Pleased to read that Wilf is feeling better. Us older chaps do have our ups and downs.
    Cheers, H.

  2. I'm glad Wilf is feeling better! I hope your trip to London goes well, too!

  3. Oh my goodness! Nice to meet you guys!
    Your boyz are so fluffy-adorable! Their blog is so fun! It's fantastic to see all the sites of all the fabulous places they go. Thanks for the pictures and stories. =)

    Loads of Licks,

  4. I'm feeling your shagginess....I need to get to the groomer myself.


  5. Pity we lost that war. It was going so well at the beginning

  6. looks like someone took the scissors to Wilfs bangs!

  7. Gosh I do hate to hear about Wilf's unpleasant twelve hours. So happy it didn't last longer. My shaggy two were trimmed up this week. Edward can see to take his carrot once more. His favourite treat.