Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cream canvas Long Johns.

The old farmer spends the entire day working on his motor home . Got to be at least 45 years old . The faded chintz curtains probably original . The left side rear window stuck permanently open . Does he know ? Despite the heat our neighbours wearing his fur hat. The ear flaps tied tightly in a knot under his chin . Inexplicable . Open toed sandals, string vest, and what appear to be cream canvas Long Johns complete the ensemble .

Lunchtime . A busload of German pilgrims arrive . They get off. Finding the church locked they stand chatting on the village green . Ten minutes later they clamber back on board. The bus has a sign on the back saying they're from Bochum . All of the men are wearing identical beige trousers . Must be a Bochum thing . ' The font ' wonders what they've made of the old farmer . Wilf, asleep on his back, thinks of barking at them but can't be bothered .

To the Post Office with Wilf. A group of cyclists in yellow spandex milling around outside . One of them , a lady of a certain age , drops her purse. She says something decidedly unlady like. As we pass she looks up and apologizes . Wilf gets his hair tousled . He wasn't in the least shocked by her outpouring . The first of the fresh local asparagus in the greengrocers . On our way home Wilf stops by the stream and drinks and drinks and drinks . The unhurried life of a dog in France Profonde .


  1. Canvas sounds itchy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Angus, we are still waiting to hear about your cycling exploits. Lycra clad or not. Or are those bicycles purchased last year (or was it two years ago) just rusting in the shed?

    1. Last year. And they're in the garage not the shed . Just waiting for the right weather .

    2. Today's forecast for Toulouse. Sunny. High of 22ºC. Light easterly winds. What are you waiting for?

  3. Whose the adorable Sheepdog doing the Chameleon? ^^ Is that Wilf?

    By the way, those strawberries look delicious. I just love that picture.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  4. Canvas long Johns are at least preferable to yellow spandex. Have you tried interesting him in a kilt?

  5. I wonder who will have chafing at the end of the day, the farmer or the cyclists? :-)

    I hope you're having an enjoyable day in deepest France Profonde! A frosty start to one in this little town in Virginia.

  6. Adorable polar bear in France profonde - happy to see you so well.
    A friend of mine calls the mature share of population "Beigelinge" - seems they love this colour.
    Bacetti sul nasino per Wilfie Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and ever so Tiger Kiri

  7. I'm sure I'd much rather see the lovely strawberries and asparagus and keep the farmer in my imagination!!

  8. Cream canvas longjohns....an undergarment? The farmer must feel extremely guilty about something. That gravel has grown paws and a very attractive nose.

  9. New images of cream long johns and yellow spandex and beige trousers only whet our appetite for Mme Bay's return in her own colorful garb!!!

    Scritches to Wilf!


  10. Bertie seems to be getting just a little pushy with you, Angus. Do you put up with that?

    I must agree with Jake of FL the only thing that is missing from todays post is Madame Bay and one of her spectacular get-ups.


    Stella, Jo and Zkhat

  11. what a colorful post today! and not just the lady of a certain age's remarks!
    i like to see glimpses of the village. it has more buildings than i thought from past pictures. or maybe the post office is in another one nearby? ah well. whichever... it is a most magical place. made so by one fantastic writer and his tiny white buddy... who has captured hearts world-wide!
    love and hugs,
    tammy j

  12. Never even heard of Bochum! Googled it and discovered it's a town in Germany. The things I learn from you!

  13. Fur hats with string vests, gypsy turbans, acid colored chiffon? ? Your little village sounds like the Harajuku of FP.
    And the old farmer in his get up posed by the ancient travel home! What a photo! But no one would believe it wasn't carefully styled and staged.
    Wilf, always, himself, is totally gorgeous and always perfect.

  14. That stream looks so peaceful! I can see why Wilf likes the spot.

    Perhaps the men from Bochum all wore the same pants so they could keep track of each other? One never knows, I suppose!

    Maybe the hat keeps the sweat absorbed from the farmer's brow!

  15. Lovely early asparagus and gorgeous strawberries (would go well with a crisp Champagne)! Lovely day in your neighborhood, I feel the warmth on its way to Anchorage. The sun is doing its job here. It has moved closer to our part of the world. This is making me happy. Winter was too long this year.

  16. rural fashion chic in France...love it!!...fur hat,,pif,,,my vest doesn't come off until at least June...xx

  17. Asparagus already ?? How wonderful. Wish I was there.

  18. Now I'm wondering how close Bochum is to Germany's capitol city, Ausfahrt. After all, if in Italy all roads lead to Rome, then In Germany all roads lead to... Ausfahrt! ;-)

  19. I love Wilf. Truly. I found your blog oh, could it really be close to two years ago? I check in regularly, but I don't comment. Thought it high time I finally told you how I feel about your dog!

    If it is possible your tales of Wilf make me cherish my little white dog even more. They remind me that Kioko will not be young forever. That is a good thing, to be reminded we shouid appreciate and seek out the small simple things . . although in Arizona I can't seem to find a waitress who will hand feed him.

    He is a lamb rather than a polar bear, very fluffy and small but with legs that are oddly long and spindly for his little body. Everytime after I read your latest tale of Wilf I bend down and look into Kioko's eyes (as he is always by my side) and have a little word with him about how special he is and how glad I am that he is in my life. Wish I could actually reach through the computer, hug Wilf and tell him the same. Just know I am thinking it.