Sunday, July 17, 2011

A thousand reasons to smile .

" What do you feed your roses on ? " asks the prim retired generals wife as she conducts a whirlwind tour of inspection . ' Oh , nothing. They just seem to love it here ' I reply , neglecting to mention the fact that they're planted on top of the leaky two hundred year old septic tank . She seems satisfied with this answer and , after a glass of wine and some more staccato questions she leaves , having met the strange couple who bought the rickety old farmhouse . Unexpected visitors . One of the joys of living in a French village .

The privacy panels are now up and painted . The view into the hallway at least partially shielded from the occasional tourist that drives past , mouth agape . One tiny design flaw . The tractor and combine harvester drivers who account for the bulk of the traffic just look over the top of the gate.

' There's no flesh on you ' says ' the font ' to Wilf while looking for a place to inject his early morning insulin . Wilf lies on the kitchen floor uncomplaining and happy , as he does every morning , oblivious to his , now accelerating , weight loss . The PON creed - 'when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry , show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile ' .


  1. Dear Angus, whenever the chips are down and i'm feeling a bit blue...ur posts never fails to lift me up. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Definitely more coconut ice cream needed there!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Just be sure you're dressed when you walk through the corridor.

  3. Your yard is beautiful!

    I'd really hate that to have unexpected strangers visiting.

    Sounds like things are coming right along at your house.

  4. I may only be a recent Follower of Wilf, but he makes me smile and I look forward to seeing him each day. [Hugs for Wilf].

  5. Must be agonising sometimes. Wilf is truly amazing in his zeal for life. Graceful indeed.
    Sending lotsaluv

  6. The little quotes at the end of each of your entry is always inspiring, especially today's!

  7. Your house is looking wonderful. Poor sweet PON - wisdom to the end - he gives us all reasons to smile.

  8. Wilf's right--Add reading your posts daily as a reason to smile!

    I hope you're having an enjoyable day, your terrace is really lovely!

  9. Happy Sunday to all of you, your house is simply beautiful and elegant.
    Lots of bisous to my beloved Wilfee.

  10. I'll send all of my fat to you Wilfie.


  11. such a pensive looking wee pon this day...
    does he know, i wonder, that he lives in paradise and has hundreds and hundreds of people who dearly love him? i think he does!
    your home is merely breath taking. and you deserve all the privacy you can get. given the beauty of it and human curiosity and tractor-combine drivers ... oh well!
    this quote this day for me... was perfect.
    tammy j

  12. Smiley boy - have a great Sunday in Southern France love from Susanne Daisy and Foxiie

  13. What a beautiful sentiment! I know that feeling, though. With our old girl, no matter how much we feed her, she's a rail these days. I know that old body can't last forever, but it's hard to watch the decline some days.

  14. Nothin I can write would add to the beauty of that concept!

    Love to Wilf and to you and the font!

    xxx Joan

  15. Wilf always gives me a reason to smile!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  16. Ah toilet flowers! The most fragrant kind! :)

  17. Oh Wilf, you've brought tears to our eyes again. Your wisdom, your strength, your bravery, your mirth. May you live forever .

  18. Love the post title. Love the optimism and the incredible outlook on life. Two more reasons we love you blog.

    Take care dear ones
    Jake and Fergi and Family

  19. Wilf... such the philosopher! Love those first photos - what a cutie pie! Mom and Dad are coming to a little town in the first week of Aug. near Arles. We are bummed, but they are furry excited! We send Wilf big scritches and Love xoxoxoxo
    Sammie, Avalon and Oz

  20. I'm left wondering what you, Wilf or the font actually get up to in the hallway (with the front door open) that make tourists drive past with mouth agape! Do you give the tourists and tractor drivers reasons to smile, or are you just shy?

  21. Oh Wilf, you yourself are a huge reason to smile.

    Now, *that* is fertilizer for the roses!

  22. Sweet Wilf.
    Happy in a house surrounded by roses.

  23. You leave your front door opened? Wow, you really do live in a different country. Wilf, you are our philosopher king!

    Jed & Abby