Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wilf and the Yeti .

Off with Wilf to the bright lights of the big city . We're going to look at a new car . With 140,000 miles on the clock the little old Volkswagen is beginning to develop niggles . The chrome strip around one of the windows fell off yesterday .

The showroom more like a cathedral than a place to buy a car . 20 foot ceilings , huge plate glass windows. Angus the only customer . Three salesmen approach him .The smallest 4x4 given the unlikely name of  a Yeti . Could I see myself driving a Yeti ? This one a Yeti ' Tour de France ' . Angus looks at the price .He asks if they have a more basic model.

Through it all Wilf sits ,contentedly, by the front door. A young woman, the receptionist, stops to talk to him . Out of the corner of his eye Angus sees the door open .Wilf trots in followed by his new friend.  Angus prays, fervently, oh so fervently,  that Wilf doesn't do what he usually does when confronted by a forest of tyres. In this case a forest of fresh, pristine - expensive -  tyres .Dog and master quickly leave . Tyres unchristened . Angus promises to think about the Yeti.

On the way home wild asparagus at the market . We buy a kilo . Asparagus risotto for lunch and enough left over for asparagus ravioli .Wilf loves ravioli. After lunch he settles down , plays briefly with a new toy ' the font ' has bought him , and is soon sound asleep. A smile on his face that says he's dreaming of a forest of tyres .


  1. I was looking at a station wagon a couple of weeks ago. I told the salesman that I just wanted to see if my dog would fit in the back, so he opened the hatch for me to peer in. Several days later he called to see "if Bart wanted to come in and take a test drive?" BOL!!

  2. Sticker shock indeed. New car prices are very high. Asparagus is much more affordable.

  3. Oo, those asparagus look good. Hope I am in time for some when I get back next week. Asparagus risotto, one of my favourites. Although, cooking only a possibility if the plumber arrives!
    Wilfie Pon looking fabulous. Distance kisses for that nose. x

  4. The Yeti gets a great review. Did you ever see the Clarkson show when he put a fire brigade through one? It'll be on You Tube.

    Wild asparagus? That's why you don't live here any more:)

  5. Perhaps Wilf could choose the new car? Most attractive tyres?

  6. Wilf's timing may have been perfect because he allowed you to leave without buying the Yeti 'Tour de France!'

  7. That's funny, we've been looking at the Yeti, too, and it is much cheaper in France than Ireland but still pretty pricey. And few second-hand ones on the market yet.

    I think most of us with tyre christeners recognised the fervent praying you went through over Wilf's potential faux pas...a good giggle here this morning.

  8. Sometimes a hasty retreat is called for.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. LOL.
    love and bear hugs to the boys. my beloved boys who never disappoint.
    tammy j

  10. Ha ha ha! Oh, I would have paid to see a picture of your face when Wilf trotted into the showroom! If only there had been more time...

  11. Asparagus secret to long life. Keep on keeping on - you are just such an angel not embarrising Ongoose - love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Kiri

  12. LOL! Tires Tires a kid in a candy store!! ;-) Hug for Wilf!
    **Asparagus Ravioli?? Who knew!?

  13. That asparagus looks so yummy

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. Oh Wilf would have had a GREAT time christening all those tires! What fun for him!!! Asparagus is right up there in our family too, dogs, humans, et al! Keep on going Wilf! Enjoy your new toy!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  15. If Wilf had christened the tyor could you just imagine the salesmen's pitch! "Oh, monsieur, your polar bear has chosen this fully equipped model! He cannot be denied"! They would have been hanging onto the hem of your coat. Goodness!
    Wild asparagus! How lucky can one get!!!
    With love to all.