Friday, February 17, 2012

'' It's quite a job ! "

A few small ribbons survive here and there but the snow's largely gone . The rising temperatures bringing an outbreak of burst pipes. The bakers once again without water . Wilf has to forego his illicit half croissant . He gets a hair tousle instead. No water for coffee at the cafe so we wave farewell to the beer and absinthe crowd who raise their pre-breakfast beer glasses in return.

The workmen digging up the square tell me that the mains will need to be repaired. " It's quite a job ! " the foreman adds by way of embelishment . Angus nods , looks in the hole at nothing in particular, and makes what he hopes is a suitably Gallic sound . He aims for surprise mixed with horror but it comes out sounding as if he has a bad case of phlegm . Wilf sniffs the air.

Back in the village , the old widows water pipes have also burst. A lake forming in the dip in the road outside her front door. Wilf circles the lake cautiously, then decides to walk through it. Angus bangs on the door to break the bad news . The location of the stopcock unknown . '' My husband dealt with things like that " . Eventually it's found . Angus, supported by a small, white, increasingly muddy, polar bear digs a ditch to let the water drain away .

The plumber says he's busy but after being reminded that ' she could be your grandmother ' arrives after lunch . Rule #3 when living abroad : Where reason fails , try shame.

Life in deepest France Profonde . A corner of the world where people still understand the old maxim : ' Go often to the house of thy friend , for weeds choke the unused path '.


  1. The old widow is blessed to have such kind neighbors looking out for her. When dealing with contractors, I usually skip reason and go straight to the always successful hair flip and wink to get the job done. ;o)

  2. Never a dull moment in your corner of the world!

  3. Wilf my favourite polar bear going for a paddle - love your wisdom rules - I try to live by the same ones here in Southern Italy - Love from the happy gang - Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Dackeltigerpuppy Kiri

  4. i love walking with you. i'm laughing all the way!
    except the poor old widow. thank god she has you to shame the plumbers and dig holes and to bury her beloved kelly. you have a star somewhere m'ongoose.
    love and muddy wee bear hugs,
    tammy j

  5. Hey, lovely to find you chaps, we LOVE France, have a holiday home in Perigord region and go every few weeks all through the year. Susie-Belle's first trip there was at Xmas, she was in her spiritual home being the gourmet dog she is. Look forward to reading more about your discoveries :)

  6. I'm glad the widow has someone to look after her. I'm all for shaming those who need it when reason doesn't work!

    It sounds like a busy day all around in France today!

  7. You are a good neighbour.
    Along with your white polar bear companion.

  8. Well done, Angus - so very kind. I'm sure Wilf was a good helper.

  9. I like the last lines of your writing today.

  10. Very kind of you! Mud and dogs just seem to go hand in hand. Everyone gets their toes dipped in the tub at our house after the spring melt and rains. It must be extremely busy in your part of the world today with all those pipes! Take care! Keep on going Wilf, handsome boy!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  11. Mud! A paradise for Wilf.

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  12. You are a good neighbor, they're lucky to have you in the village.