Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Terra incognita

The little village remains cut off by the snow . Two days of glorious sunshine followed by cloudless , sub zero , nights have turned the roads into sheets of polished ice. The occasional fodder laden tractor trailer makes it along the lane and past the church before turning back . The steep hill at the crossroads marking an impassable descent into terra incognita . The limit of civilization registered by an abandoned white van , nose down in the roadside drainage ditch . Even Wilfs four paw drive finds the ice sheets difficult to navigate . It seems that the departement has a grand total of twelve snow ploughs. None of them has made it within twenty kilometres of us .

The family fellow spends much of his time in the kitchen . '' The font " digging ever deeper into the larder . If the ice doesn't melt soon we will be on a diet of dry pasta . Parmentier de Cabillaud et Chou-fleur Gratine for lunch . This meets with Wilfs complete approval . Magret de Canard Roti, Sauce a l'Orange et aux Kumquats for dinner . Wilf decides he could do without the kumquats . He removes these carefully from his bowl and deposits them gently on the floor tiles. A gentleman to the end. Some coconut ice cream before a quick game of touch rugby in the hallway. Then he settles down for the night .

All in all not a bad day . '' As long as you have courage and a sense of humour it's never too late to start life afresh ".


  1. The contents of the larder are sounding pretty good at the moment. And surely one can live on coconut ice-cream for a few day if need be?

  2. How much i loved the photo yesterday of Wilfee on his back, paws in the wind, lying on the snow.
    But today, he seems to have taken a bath, he looks so clean, white, like a polar bear !
    It is so good to have good news from him.
    I really expect that the weather turns warmer than it is in your country. Here in Brittany, no snow for the moment, but today it is just 3 degrees. And lots of wind.
    Bonne journée à vous trois.
    Bisous mon tendre Wilfee.

  3. A True Gentleman - Gentledog - love him to bits - love Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Kiri- Foxiie is watching the computer sitting on my chair - he knows I am having a crush on someone but who?

  4. duck with orange sauce and coconut ice cream and rugby in the hallway? wilfee is in france profonde heaven!!! as i would be.
    i hope your weather breaks soon, for some in the village may not be so lucky in their larders. surely the morning crowd at the cafe has given up the daily absinthe for the time being?
    i love these pictures of our tiniest bear. they're wonderful!
    love and hugs. stay cozy!
    tammy j

  5. Bon appetite Wilf, your menu is heaps better than ours.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  6. What a lovely, uplifting post. Made my day! Big kisses for that fuzzy Wilfie head.

  7. Poor Angus--snowbound in a 5-star Michelin restaurant! Stay warm!

  8. We so agree with Wilfie - Kumquats are far removed from a wee polar bear's typical diet. We admire his restraint in merely placing them gently by his dish. So sorry for the cold but loving the photos!

    Buzzy McDuff and the Pip

  9. Sometimes a day or two of being snowed in is nice. The rest of the world just floats by!

  10. I had to look up Parmentier de Cabillaud. Is it fish and potatoes? This menu, combined with the cold, seems very scottish! It's certainly typical here in New Scotland.

  11. Oh we are familiar with navigation on sheets of ice.... it is fun to rummage around in the pantry to devise a kumquat-free meal.

  12. Like Petey said, poor you all, snowbound in a 5-star restaurant!!!

  13. Cauliflower? I don't think Edward would touch it.
    Fish, of course, he loves.
    Kumquats, not.
    Potato and leek soup is always good when snowed it.

    Here, it's like May.
    Most unusual.

  14. How sweet that he picks out what his palate doesn't like! Our Willow does the exact same thing. Then she rolls on whatever she's picked. V. odd. Wilf looking dashing as always. Take care on the ice, don't venture out unless necessary! I am surprised they haven't put down any sand for grip? We like our sand and salt here when it gets icy and dangerous. Keep on going Wilf, even if its rugby in the hall!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  15. Touch rugby again! Wonderful - indoors away from the ice.

  16. wilfee i adore your little comments on life.....hope the snow plough gets through soon....x

  17. We're sure 'the font' has a store of dried fish somewhere in the larder.

    Hope the ice melts soon Wilf can have his illicit croissant.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  18. Doesn't it seem ironic that a place can be cut off from civilization by ice but you can still surf the net? That always makes me smile when it happens.

    I'm so glad that you haven't run out of coconut ice cream.

  19. As long as you have wine, you will survive. ;)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and MAx