Monday, April 9, 2012

Less motivating .

Good mannered weather . It rains at night but come sun-up it's dry and bright . Wilf able to enjoy his daily saunters across the fields. Perfect growing weather for the local fruit farmers . This morning the greengrocers stall weighed down under punnets of strawberries . The spicy Gariguettes considered a speciality . Another week or so and then they'll be gone . Replaced by fraises rondes , the sort of Strawberries we grew in Scotland .

Sunday . For some reason all the old fellows melanomas decide to play up at the same time . A random event or some common cause ? We debate the pros and cons of giving him another bath . In a short haired dog you could apply a bandage but with Wilf this would be difficult. As always the best solution a long walk to take his mind off the irritation. It works. He comes home and falls into a contented sleep.

'' The font '' is delighted to discover that the graduation ceremony for the Mandarin language course will be held in the Palais de Versailles . Angus reads the entire e-mail and finds out that it will be held in the Palais de Versailles - Conference Centre . Somehow less motivating .

Time for the garden at the Rickety Old Farmhouse to get some attention . It looks like a war zone . The transplanted tree peonies doing well, the areas seeded with grass less so. Loic, the bifocaled gardener , stands, arms folded, watching three hundred finches feasting on the newly sown grass seeds . He presumably thinks it would be futile to chase them off.


  1. Poor Wilfiee - keep strong - we just adore you -love from your Southern Italian fan club - Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Kiri

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  3. We love rain when it's civil like that!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. We hope Wilf feels comfortable now. Such a good, brave boy.

  5. Less motivating, indeed. Glad that Wilf forgot about his melanomas and snoozed the beautiful day away.

    Perhaps the gardener likes finches?

  6. Wilf
    Confewence centew cewtainly sounds less motivating than a Palace, hehehe
    I'm so glad that a long walk takes youw mind off those ouchies
    smoochie kisses

  7. The fine art of distraction. It works on so many levels!

    Assuming the conference centre is actually at the Palais, the opportunity would still be there to visit (while speaking Manadarin to the guards?).

    Woofs to Wilf from my Barkies.


  8. Even if the graduation ceremony is in the conference center, it is in the Palais de Versailles !
    Hope Wilfee feels better this afternoon, and has spent a peaceful week end.
    Lovely photos of your house, Angus.
    Bonne journée à vous trois.

  9. A wish for Wilf...blowing across the ocean ~ a well-deserved, carefree day of comfort, and many more to come...

  10. Darling Wilf looks as sweet and happy as he can! Melanomas be damned! I too took advantage of the "extra" day off today and planted our seeds for the veg garden, those that needed the extra time for growing. The strawberries look delightful! Keep on going Wilf!

    Love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  11. When is the graduation? I'll be in Paris from mid- July to mid- August so perhaps we could rendezvous?

  12. oh my! the font is amazing. a multi-lingual gourmet diplomat. she wears many hats. not the least being co-caregiver of our most treasured little fellow. he with the big black nose. the orphaned shaggy sad face. the laugh-out-loud grin. the sweetest wee philosopher and lover of life that we know.
    is he invited to the palace also? i hope so!
    love and hugs to you each one,
    tammy j

  13. Gariguettes! A treat beyond treats! Delights we can only enjoy in fantasy. We'll enjoy them vicariously.
    Upsetting to hear Wilf is uncomfortable. We so admire your gentle care and understanding of this wonderful boy. He's in our prayers, as always.

  14. Hope he has a good Monday, strawberries yum.

  15. Would Wilf get to attend the graduation or would he be left to again guard the cafe? :-)

    The strawberries look amazing!

  16. Congratulations on the graduation; Wilf looks spiffy and I LOVE your bookshelves in the third photo - books and pets make a home, IMHO.

  17. With the rain coming at night and leaving by the morning, are you sure you're not living in Camelot? :)

  18. We are gardening here today as well. With a heavy emphasis this year on blue flowers.
    And those strawberries! Sigh.
    My favourite, desert island choice, food.

  19. Oh sorry to be so rude. Congratulations, the font, on your graduation. Mandarin! Quite impressive. All of our love.
    ( It was the mention of gariguettes; I forgot myself.)

  20. We have the same question as Kim; does Wilf get to go to the Mandarin graduation? Or perhaps Mme. Bey can move in and Wilfie-sit for a couple of days? Can't imagine Wilf will be at all happy if you're both gone.

    So sorry Wilf had such a massive melanoma flare-up. Hope he's feeling better now.

    Jed & Abby

  21. Oh, the frustration of chasing off birds from grass seed. That is universal, I'm afraid!

    Enjoy those strawberries while you can! I am envious!