Friday, April 13, 2012

Plenty left .

A large truck with orange flashing lights and an extendable ladder arrives on the village green . Three men in blue overalls spend an hour arranging billboards and pasting up posters . It's the first round of the French Presidential elections on the 22nd . The mayor arrives to supervise. They ignore him . From the efficiency and evenhandedness of the operation this must have been paid for and organized by the government . Wilf and yours truly wander over to join the mayor. Wilf christens the first , third, and seventh billboards . Others left for tomorrow and the day after.

To the garden centre. Wilf happily asleep in the back of the car . The green vases bought last year haven't turned out to be the promised bargain . The cold weather in February has done for the glaze. The sales lady only has two of the genuine , frost resistant, Anduze vases in stock . We need four . '' I can't order any more " she gruffly informs us . '' Take them or leave them ". With a shrug of the shoulders she's off. Duty done . The wonders of French retailing . Angus wonders whether she means ' can't ' or ' can't be bothered ' .

A rough night with Wilf. The mischief inside him reminding us it can be tamed but not cured. This morning dog and owner both in need of sleep. Dog left to slumber on at the foot of the stairs . Owner goes off alone . The waitress asks if I'd like Wilfs half croissant . Much hilarity all round . That miraculous power of dog to make you laugh .


  1. Oh No poor Wilfie - rough night AND missing his half croissant. Life can be so challenging at times for both man and dogs. Can he possibly have a full croissant to make up for it today?

  2. A take away illicit croisant half...marvelous. Hope he feels better.

    We think it was probably 'can't be bothered'.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Wilfie get better!!! Yesterday I went out to lunch with Foxiie and Kiri the tiger puppy - he entertained the whole place - went for walks with a little girl and everybody was smiling.
    Hugs to my favourite polar bear love Susanne, DAisy, Foxiie and Kiri

  4. Thinking of you, hoping little Wilf rallies.

  5. I sure hope you took her up on the offer so Wilf would not be denied his morning treat.


  6. So sorry that your little man is experiencing some challenging nights. Sending oodles of good thoughts from Michigan.

  7. Take 10 easy...a grand Friday wished for today when you wake refreshed! :-)

  8. oh no. is the wretched "six week" mystery coming into play?
    only love and strong healing thoughts going out to our beloved little bear today.
    and to you dear man of infinite love, patience and humour.
    you are amazing on so many levels.
    hope you both are enjoying much needed rest.
    hugs to the lad and his dog,
    tammy j

  9. Hope the weekend is better for all. We are getting our rain now.

  10. Sorry to hear of the night troubles? Six week vengeance on us already? Here's to a quiet night tonight. Perhaps the other half of the croissant could have come home in the pocket for the wee boy? Keep on going Wilf!!

    With love from your rainy Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  11. Thinking of the boy today.
    Hope's he's feeling better.
    P. and Edward

  12. Wilf, you are SO AMAZING!!! You soldier on, in spite of the "mischief" that grows within. Feel better, sleep well, God bless!

  13. I read your post from time to time. Wish you and Wlif all the best always.(HUGS)to you both.

  14. I hope that Wilfee feels better already. Your waitress is a good jokester.

  15. We've also lost track of the location in the 6-week cycle. Hope Wilfie bounces back soon and is once again claiming his illicit half croissant every morning.

    Jed & Abby

  16. There seems to be a bit of residual February frost lingering at the garden centre!

    Hope Wilf is well rested & feeling more comfortable.

  17. But those vases with the patches looks so much more interesting than the perfect much more like life don't you think? Beautiful...

  18. I'd leave the vases. Nothing is worth that kind of treatment. I guess I'm just a take no guff kind of girl. Honestly, though, I can't see paying people to treat you like they're doing you some big favor.

    I'm sorry Wilf had a rough night! Poor little guy!