Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quelle surprise !

Angus waits at home all day for the joiner and the plumber. In vain. Quelle surprise !.

Madame Bay spends an hour trying to coax the cast iron '' Vesuvius '' in the kitchen back into life . Twenty eight years of experience with the temperemental old thing makes her optimistic . When it was really cold, and the butane froze, she warmed the connection between the gas bottle and the supply pipe with a hair dryer to make it work. This time no luck. Vesuvius , all two tons of it , remains dormant .

An article in the weekend Financial Times House and Gardens section about living in this part of France . The headline - ' ideal for those looking for a stress-free environment '. Angus chuckles , it is after all April 1st . Clearly, the author has never had anything to do with the local tradesfolk.

Down to the cafe at first light. The waitress taking a day off. No illicit half croissant for Wilf. Some routines can't be broken . We go to the bakers and buy one . Early morning churchgoers can see a strange foreigner sitting on bench in the market place . He's feeding a croissant to what appears to be a small, shaggy, polar bear . The poor mans also talking away happily to the dog , as if it can understand . The passers by smile at them but carefully hurry past just that little bit more quickly . Mad or English ?

A sunny Sunday morning in France Profonde with an old family fellow.


  1. Do the French not talk to their dogs too? (Our French neighbour talks to Bertie quite a lot, but then he has been in Scotland for thirty years!)

  2. I'm certain that Wilf understands every word xx

  3. Only if you're in the mid-day sun.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. I'd forgotten that Madame Bay worked for the previous owners of your home, so if anyone could coax Vesuvius back to life, she could have--How good of her to try.

    I think everyone should try talking to their dogs--Like Wilf, they're all great listeners.

  5. I cannot imagine the passants thought you are mad. I am pretty sure they are touched by the love you give to Wilfee, and prefer to not disturb a such beautiful moment.
    Très belle journée à vous trois. Bisous mon tendre Wilfee.

  6. Mad or English? Or both! Goodness!

  7. Perhaps the company that supplies
    the butane could be of help; that
    is, if the stove top burners aren't
    working either. Could be a blockage
    in their line.

    I'm sure the first thing the waitress
    says to you tomorrow will be to ask if
    dear Wilf got his croissant.

  8. Wilf looking particularly delicious today. What a handsome little man! Neither mad dogs nor's only right to chat to your best buddy.

  9. If talking to the canine companion whose loyalty keeps him by your side is Madness...let madness reign!... A {{{hug}}}for the shaggy polar bear. On this April Fools Day...a wish that ALL two leggers could be so blessed to enjoy the mix of "folly" and bliss in conversing with a four legger... ;-) Happy Days Wilf...

  10. i truly enjoy talking with talks more than with people.
    not sure what that says about me... other than i have exquisite taste!
    beautiful pictures of our wee bear. he gets more photogenic every day.
    his very spirit shines through, doesn't it?
    am wondering if that is your only cooking range? can't believe the font can go very long without creating her magic!
    love and hugs to you patient three in france profonde,
    tammy j

  11. I am utterly shocked (not) that neither plumber nor joiner appeared....

    PS I always talk to my dogs. They are great listeners and always agree with me!

  12. Wilf, you embody spring in your photos and attitude. Of course, we talk to our dogs - who is a better listener? Those passing on their way to church understood the love being shared in that croissant and conversation.

  13. Now, what do you mean...."as if" he can understand?

  14. We are all mad, mad about are dogs.
    HAPPY 1

  15. Bart and Ruby are the best listeners... Happy Sunday!

  16. No, no surprise at all. You're in France after all !!

  17. Perhaps they've never read the poem called Warning? :P I can't tell you how surprised I am that there's no report on workmen showing up! And the French people think you're mad?! Ha ha ha!

  18. Wow...I love your story and Wilf. I hope to get a Polish Lowland Sheepdog one day...once I have the time to properly take care of and train him/her.

  19. If this is madness - I qualify as well happily.
    Have many more croissants - love you lovliest polar bear in Southern Europe - we are definitely your love fan club - with love Daisy, Foxiie, Kiri and Susanne