Saturday, March 31, 2012

Miracles never cease.

Saturday morning . A busy day ahead . Wilf and owner bump into the plumber on the pavement outside the cafe . '' Bonjour M'Ongoose. I'll be along later this morning to work on the pipes . Just got another job to do first " . He holds up a wrench by way of proof . In the cafe the joiner greets me like a long lost friend and offers to buy me a coffee. '' I've not forgotten you M'Ongoose . Are you around this afternoon ? ". Miracles , as they say, never cease. Angus quickly replies in the affirmative . Life in rural France has taught him never to turn down a meeting with a local tradesman . You never know when , or if , you'll see them again . While Angus chats, Wilf gets his half croissant .

Home to find the gold metallic ' Wild Child ' voiturette parked , at a jaunty angle , on the lane . The unrepaired front wing still without a headlight. The after effects of a run in with a bollard outside the greengrocers. Madame Bay has returned safely from her retired gendarmes trip to Athens. The sound of high pitched girlish laughter emanating from the breakfast room . '' It was wonderful M'Ongoose. Simply wonderful ' . Angus gets a passionate embrace while Wilf gets kissed on top of his head. ''Oh ! Mon p'tit chouchou". This comment meant, presumably, for Wilf . Dog and owner quickly retire to the quiet of the library leaving ' the font ' and our white chiffoned septaguenarian to discuss the dangerous, and quite probably lethal, 'Vesuvius' in the kitchen.


  1. And any more sign of the joiner and plumber......?

  2. Is it just me, or are those the cutest pics of Wilf yet? Glad to hear Madame Bay enjoyed her Greek adventure. On the tradesman front, our French roof guys have put off the job for so long that the devis has long expired! We were thinking that now we're moving to our POR* in May, we might be able to get them to finally fulfill the contract, but your experience has dashed all hopes :-)

    *POR - pile of rubble

  3. Good think you have the library. Like Bertie, we'd like to know if the plumber actually arrived.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. The plumber, the joiner, and Madame Bay all together in your home, perhaps it was Wilf's birthday wish?

  5. laughing this morning at m'ongoose! (with ongoose. with.)
    wilfee enjoying the breeze that's parting his hair in the last picture.
    he is the treasure of france profonde.
    the plumbers only think they are.
    love and hugs and a special tammy hug for my wee bear!
    tammy j

  6. Would love to have more details about Mme. Bay in Athens!!! Wonder what she wore! Wonder wehat the Athenians thought when they saw her and her contingent of retired gendarmes!

    I agree,those photos of Wilf are super adorable.

    Bon weekend!


  7. Welcome back Madam Bay!!! Best character in the world!
    Sending lotsaluv

  8. I think tradespeople, from all over the world, operate under strict rules 1) Stay pleasant 2) Make appointments with whomever requests you
    3) Never keep them 4)Stay pleasant 5)if you meet them on the street, remind them you are coming "soon" and 6) Stay pleasant. There are many more, of course, but these are just the first six. Here in the USA, Europe, anyplace they are, its the same.


  9. Wilf and owner?
    We always thought it was Angus and owner.
    (Isn't that so, Wilf!)

  10. I predict the tradesmen show up tomorrow -- around dinner time or something else important!

    Why am I not surprised that Madame Bay's car has had an accident already?

  11. LOVE these pix of Wilf - his expressions are just wonderful. Thanks for coming to say hi - we're on a journey across the US and don't have good wifi or phone in many places... Hope Mme Bay had a good trip!
    Kisses to Wilf xo
    Sammie and Avalon

  12. I haven't been able to leave a comment....