Thursday, March 8, 2012

The intervention .

Nine in the morning . The first pilgrim of the season walks briskly through the village . With his long beard and wooden staff he's a dead ringer for Charlton Heston in the Ten Commandments . This Old Testament image at odds with his jeans , walking boots and red kagool. Wilf barks at him , twice. The pilgrim waves .

Mid afternoon . A man in a day-glo yellow safety jacket arrives at the gate . He's come in a little white van with orange flashing lights on the top. Some acronym that means something to the French , but means absolutely nothing to foreigners , painted on the side . A vaguely official air about him . '' I'm sorry I'm late . I had an unexpected intervention " he says , by way of introduction . Angus is still trying to work out what this means when he suddenly announces " Oop La. Wrong address ". With that he goes. Angus is left wondering about the intervention . Wilf wakes briefly , barks , then falls asleep again.

At the cafe under the arcades a ' dog bar ' has been installed. Wilf , being a regular customer, still gets his water bowl filled and placed in front of him . The new medication is working wonders but he's still not in the mood for an early morning croissant . Maybe tomorrow. We have a long walk in the sun on our way home from the bakers. Our hectic life in deepest France Profonde .


  1. Intervention sounds intriguing, sure you translated that correctly? Just asking.

    XXXOOODaisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. We are surprised that the bar is not for chiens.

  3. Lovely photos of Wilfee walking on the road, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
    Love the "oop la" story, and i can imagine the look on your face when the man arrived...and returned...
    I wish you, Angus and Wilfee, a peaceful Thursday.
    Bisous to the beloved boy.

  4. If it was 'an unexpected intervention' I'm wondering if it was for him? :-)

  5. Lovely, fluffy Wilf. It's great he has regular bar customer privileges. The return to the half croissant is probably not too far off. I thought of him this morning when I split a croissant with my husband. Your life in France Profonde: beautiful, if hectic :-)

  6. Love the dog bar - very beautiful. Wilf ambassador!
    LOve from all of the gang - today there are a little bit of jealousies... hope he has a great stroll in the sun! -Bacetti sul nasino da Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Kiri (he wakes me up with a ever so gentle bacetto sul mio nasino)

  7. I love the dog bar! That just made me smile this morning.

    Perhaps it's for the best that someone official looking wasn't looking for you!

  8. Agree with Bertie about the "bar" sign.
    Wilf's taste for croissants may have
    been spoiled by those Jacob's Creams.

  9. A walk in the sun at this point must feel really good to Wilf. And the dog bar sign is adorable. What a lovely place you must live and a perfect time in your life despite the sorrow of the near future.

  10. Dog Bar...what a novelty...I love it! But of course Wilf still gets his delivered... He is WILF! :-) Enjoy the sun...

  11. Nice Dog Bar! Enjoy the sunny walks. Glad Wilf is improving.

  12. Several dog friendly towns often have bowls of water on the sidewalk for passing pups...but a Dog's Bar sign is pretty unique. Is it in English for the tourists and those "from away?"

    Actually, my Jake has a Dog Bar sign over his kibble and water bowls -- with the classic "Dogs Playing Poker" reproduction just at dog's eye level. JH just has a bowl in his crate -- a fate that often befalls the second child!

    We're glad Wilf seems to be feeling better!!!


  13. so glad wilfee still has his own bowl. he is, after all, the real town mayor.
    the human mayor only 'thinks' he is mayor!
    wonderful pictures of life in the hectic village of angus and wilfee. i laugh with happiness.
    love and hugs and a wee nose kiss, (so as not to disturb his honor too much!)
    tammy j

  14. That is a hectic life I would love to have!! Wilf is looking as handsome as always!! Jealous of the sunny walks. We still have snow. And likely will have until April. Keep on going Wilf!!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  15. The "dog bar" is a classic. I love seeing the photos of Wilf happily outside with green grass and blue sky surrounding him.

    The "intervention" is another of those odd things that seem to happen to you almost every day.

  16. Wilf deserves nothing but the best. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  17. It takes the French to get the apostrophe correct on the Bar sign! Go Wilfee!