Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How do they know ?

Wilf has a bath. There was a time when he would have struggled , or disappeared, or both. Now he accepts his fate with dignified resignation . Afterwards he gets not one , but two , Jacobs Cream Crackers . Small recompense for lifes trials and tribulations .

He stretches out in the courtyard to dry off. Soon he's lost in that special dog place somewhere between sleep and meditation . Around him , and just inches away, blackbirds and finches peck away at the gravel looking for grubs. How do they know he's not a threat ? Can they sense he's old ? Or blind ? Maybe he emits a pheromone that says I won't bother you if you don't bother me ? Maybe, he's just still ?

Our evening walk across the village green . The very old farmer ( not to be confused with our neighbour the argumentative old farmer ) is there. His ancient and exceedingly decrepit van has finally, and irreperably, broken down. Amazing it's kept going for so long starved of oil and attention .

The mayor has arranged for a ridiculously oversized truck to come and take the van away. '' Convoi Exceptionnel " written in large letters across the front. I help the truck driver, and the village gardener push the Citroen up the ramp. The little, battered thing sits there looking forlorn and lost on the huge trailer. Wilf contributes to the event by christening the trucks front tyres .

The very old farmer stands in the lane waving goodbye to it in much the same way as he might wave goodbye to an old friend . He's still there when it's lost out of sight.


  1. Resignation or not. There's still a distinctly disapproving look on his face. I like that. Shows that he's still Wilf, despite the recent challenge!
    I'm sure the birds know the zone when the see or sense it. Kisses to Wilfie Pon xxx

  2. I guess to the very old farmer, the truck was an old friend.

  3. Is Wilf's mental map returning? He does look resigned in those photos. No more frantic running around after a bath the way lots of dogs do? Or at least our boychiks do.


  4. Bathtime always has a price - both for humans and dogs/ :)
    I continue to enjoy all your imagery ... :)
    ((Hugs)) to Wilfey.

  5. It's so nice to see a more normal day, isn't it? One which makes you so grateful for normalcy because things seem to be where they should. Except for the poor old farmer. Beautifully told, Angus. Looking handsome after that bath, Wilf.

  6. Angus , there's a grace and gentleness to your last lines. I remember when my own father had to stop driving . The letting go so difficult. I'm glad Wilfee is staying the course. Geraldine and Mortby.

  7. Love love love and kisses on Wilfs head - Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie, Kiri - becoming more gentle and educated and intuitive...finally.

  8. It's good to read that Wilf is feeling well enough for a bath--Although I'm sure he disagrees no matter how he is feeling!

    I had to grin at the picture of the van. The cross directly above it as it goes to its final resting place seems a bit appropriate. :-)

  9. Some people do feel like their cars are old friends. I suppose after going through certain life events it might feel that way!

    At least the bath is behind Wilf for the week or so! Perhaps the birds just felt the daring that all animals seem to feel in the Springtime.

  10. Awaiting word on whether Wilf is once
    again eating his half croissant at the

  11. Animals seem to "know" things and we can't fathom how. I love the vision of the birds flitting around Wilf without a worry.

    That sure was a huge truck that took away the old farmer's van. It sounded kind of sad...

  12. Isn't it amazing what we as dog owners do to take care of their pets? You should see nail trimming time at our house! Comical and hilarious in the same breath! Not to mention we must tempt with cat treats....and the cats love the dog biscuits! I don't get it. But what I do get is how handsome Wilf looks after his bath! Lovely boy! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  13. That is a huge tow away vehicle! Maybe the old farmer will find a "new" used vehicle to bond with. And Wilf looks refreshed. Cheery Tuesday!

  14. Very big tow truck yes!

  15. the mayor obviously has illusions (delusions?) of grandeur!
    he needs to be the mayor of a large metropolis... and in his mind i think he views the village that way. he, of la grande
    gesture... roofs over kilns, huge trucks to haul little citroens... a very colorful fellow.
    and thank you always for the pictures of the real star of the show! bath or no bath... he's our man! can't get enough of that wee face.
    love and hugs to our little bear,
    tammy j

  16. I don't think the old farmer should be driving around with a crucifix on top of his van! That could be dangerous! :)

  17. Quite a christening job. Well done, Wilf.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy