Thursday, March 15, 2012

A sweeter song.

Hot. The well now completely dry. Wilf spends most of his day, a trip to the stream excepted, dozing on the cold hall floor. His nose in my gardening shoes. Outside the frogs in the village pond in full voice .

Early evening . A happy Madame Bay arrives . Monsieur Bay in tow. Tonight she's resplendent in aubergine and green. A Niagara Falls of Purple chiffon cascading from her shoulders. The happy couple are off to Greece tomorrow with the Retired Gendarmes Association . A night in Paris en route. '' So romantic " says Madame Bay . Monsieur Bay looks less sure .

Madame Bay has come to give us her mobile phone number in case we have any problems while she's away. Angus wonders if this is the same mobile phone number we've been calling her on for the last two and a half years. He says nothing . '' The font '' dutifully writes the number down .

Seven. Still light. A bottle of champagne , just opened, in front of us . The number two vet arrives . She was in the neighbourhood and wanted to check-up on Wilf. She decides he shouldn't be called stubborn ( tetu) but valiant ( vaillant ). Laughter all round . Two weeks since the stroke. He may be old, blind, diabetic , cancer ridden and arthritic but you'd never know it. He's arrived at a stage of his journey where he's happy . In fact we've never , ever , seen him happier . Sprawled out, on his back, snoring gently. Owners worry - dogs get on with life . PON philosophy : " I shall sing a sweeter song tomorrow ".


  1. Is Paris on the way to Greece from the South of France?
    So glad Wilf is enjoying peace and contentment - valiant he definitely is.

  2. Jean - In France all travel plans go via Paris .

    1. That will be why wherever you are in France, there is always a signpost for Paris !!

  3. How kind of the vet to call round, and her diagnosis of 'valiant' is spot on.

  4. So very happy that Wilfie Pon is in a lovely place in every sense of the word. He is a shining light wrapped in an exquisite fluffy package and I am so grateful that you have shared a little of him with us. Thank you. I actually think reading your words each morning sets me up for the day and Merlin benefits too. I couldn't love him more but I love him better.
    Bon Voyage to Msr et Mme Bay!

  5. Tender words for Wilfee "the valiant".
    Have a peaceful Thursday. Bisous to mon tendre Wilfee.

  6. Obviously it wasn't the Parisienne. Re Madame Bay....Isadora Duncan comes to mind. Hope she watches herself around convertables.

    Is she really planning to return for one of your emergencies...

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. He is such a lucky boy to be looked after (and medicated) so lovingly - we hug you - Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Kiri - becoming an obidient dackeltiger

  8. The words 'charmed life' come to mind when I think of Wilf! Everything about him is so gentle and happy! :)

    Perhaps Madame Bay just wanted to be sure you'd call her while she's away! ;)

  9. "People worry...dogs get on with life." I want to be more like a dog. Hugs to Wilf!

  10. Has the warm sun melted the veterinarian equivalent of an Ice Queen .....and please send that warmth our way! If we receive 3 more inches of snow Anchorage will be the snowiest winter of recorded weather history (may as well happen, it has been a snowy winter).

    Bon voyage Madame Bay, Cheers to The Font and Angus and sweet and valient dreams to Wilf!

  11. Wishing you will sing a sweeter song each day, Dear Valiant Wilf.....much love DBH

  12. Lovely, loving, valiant Wilf. Perhaps the Parisienne's heart is growing?

  13. Valiant is a lovely word for Wilf . . .not sure he would think so though. He is just being himself and getting on with things!

    Stella, JO and Zkhat

  14. most wonderful post!
    except for the well being completely dry!
    i have new words to live by...
    people worry. dogs get on with life.
    this beloved wee dog shines a beacon for us all.
    tammy j

  15. People worry, dogs get on with life; sounds like my arthritic wee aged Beagle, Pink Floyd. Valiant indeed is Wilf - a wise vet and a devoted pack who see and share his happiness and ability to adjust

  16. I like the shoes.

  17. Another PONism to treasure!

    It is so reassuring to know that despite all his maladies, Wilf is still a happy dog. And we are so so glad the vet said "absolument pas!" a few weeks ago,


  18. If only human life could be like that. Not a care in the world. I'd wish on a star for it. Sounds like life in your corner of the world is going on as it should. Bless! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  19. I'm in agreement with all the previous comments! Wilf is certainly a perfect example of living a 'sweet life!'

  20. Please elaborate on the dry well. We infer it does not provide your household water; your posts lack that air of panic. Is the well 'just' for watering the outdoor plants and maybe filling the pool?

    For unexplainable reasons, thoughts of Wilf now play to a soft background of "Golden Days" from The Student Prince.

    Jed & Abby

  21. Aw Angus, I just love this post; it's filled with hope and positivity and humour. BTW I thought those shoes were your 'smart' ones, lol! (Oh yes,'re French now!)
    Good luck to Madame Bay....nothing like a little Romantic imagination - gets the endorphins going! (for us all, lol!)
    Wilfey has the totally right idea of life. Have you collated his 'Life lessons' yet?
    Sending lotsaluv to you all and special hugs to our special pooch,

  22. I'd say that number two vet just earned some points, stopping by to check on Wilf. I love your observation that humans worry and dogs get on with life. So very true.

  23. What an amazing boy he is! He lifts my spirits like no other! Blaze on, sweet friend, like fire in the night! I love you, Wilfie!

  24. Thank you for Wilf's philosophy comments. I learn something new every day. My most favorite hobby is worrying...Our neighbor across the street gave me a card when I was 16 that had a baby seal on the front & the words "worry is interest paid on trouble before it is due" on the back! You'd think I would have heeded them before now. ( I am now 55 years of age)

    Your friend, Marlene-in Canada