Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Better from an Easter Egg ?

The supermarket suddenly full of chocolate Easter bunnies . Their happy little faces stowed floor to ceiling along one aisle . Is Angus alone in thinking chocolate tastes better when it comes from an Easter Egg , or Bunny ? Next to the wine , breathalyzer kits . A new law in France stipulates every driver must have one in their car . Points on the licence, and a fine , if you don't . Angus buys two . Homeward bound, the family fellow joins me at a table at the back of the bar out of the morning sun . Half croissant and a hair tousle . The reassurance of routine.

Safely home , Wilf falls happily asleep. A doze through to lunch followed by a long nap afterwards . A leisurely early evening stroll across the village green to the frog pond . Dinner . A taste of coconut ice cream. Then it's time to turn in for the day .
He's in that very special place only old family dogs inhabit.


  1. Maybe next year you'll see insulin kits next to the Easter candy! ;)

  2. Interesting law. And excellent business for the manufacturers of breathalyzer kits, if nothing else.

  3. Our Easter eggs, bunnies, bilbies and hot cross buns have been out since January!

    We agree with Bertie and Gail.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  4. The Easter candy has been out here since Valentines Day. But I agree, chocolate does taste better when it comes out of a bunny or even a heart!

  5. Wilf is in his happy place, surrounded by his loved ones. Lindt bunnies are my favourite....and they are more delicious, especially the ears. :-)

  6. My husband is a police sergeant in Ma. and he recommends the driver take a trial run with that kit while! I see you get two chances per pack.....You get only one at the station....,ha!!

  7. My husband is a police sergeant in Ma. and he recommends the car driver give that kit a "go"while they are!! He noticed there are two chances per pack-there's only one chance at the station...ha!

  8. Not to be too too cynical, but we can only imagine how the law was enacted with the lobbyist for the breathalyzer manufacturer's help. (What's the French word for lobbyist???)

    In addition to the chocolate eggs and bunnies for Easter, we also saw dark and milk chocolate matzohs for Passover in the supermarket. No missed opportunities.

    Happy napping to Wilf et al!

  9. Wilf's routine sounds idyllic.
    Especially since I am spending the day doing my taxes. Grrrr.

  10. Easter is on it's way!

  11. I agree, Easter chocolate is magically the best-tasting!

    I'm love those old dog moments! :)

  12. While I think it's smart to have breathalyzer kits, I don't necessarily agree that it should be mandatory. They only work if you actually use them. Having them in your car doesn't mean that you'll ever open the package.

    I do, however, agree with you about Easter chocolate.

    Wilf is lookin' good!

  13. Momma says there's no chocolate like Easter chocolate!

  14. Did you use the breathylyzer on Wilf? The last photo looks like he has just had a breath test administered.

    I just love Easter candy. So colorful and marshmallow-y. Dark chocolate eggs filled with coconut are my favorites.

  15. i'm not so sure that only old family dogs inhabit that very special place. i'm pretty much there too since i so wonderfully retired.
    i have chores and certain errands for sure, but there is something about being an older lady thoreau. i can listen to the birds for over an hour sometimes. some people call it meditating!
    i used to criticize myself. but it's the last half of my life and if chocolate and fresh air and just soaking up life itself does it... well...
    now i ask myself why not! guilt has gone bye bye.
    a special tammy hug to that wonderous wee fellow,
    tammy j

  16. The Lindt bunnies are all over our stores, too. They're a favorite, not the least for being semi-solid instead of hollow.

    So does the law require drivers to use the breathalysers, or just carry them around? Surely those most impaired are least likely to think to use the things. And being about as thrifty as the Scots, can't imagine the French being willing to use the breathalysers prophylactically, thus being forced to buy new ones regularly.

    Gladdens our hearts to see Wilf enjoying these beautiful Spring days. Which day is his birthday?

    Jed & Abby

  17. Chocolate is always more delightful when presented in the shapes of bunnies. All the pretense, and there's quite a bit attached to a box of chocs, is gone and replaced with delight and childhood's wonder and joy. We once again return to the world where ecstasy could be found in the sweet, silky taste of heaven on the tongue. ( " I'll have the ears, please".). Wouldn't it wonderful to be young again for just one day?

  18. Good thing they have not made a breathalyzer for chocolate! We need to have some vices...

    Wyatt's mom

  19. Perfect old PON day and yes, chocolate is better as an Easter bunny.

  20. Just wondering which part of the bunny you eat first...? As for me, it's always the ears.
    Sending lotsaluv to you all.

  21. "He's in that very special place only old family dogs inhabit."

    I LOVE that line. I shall have to borrow it from time to time, if you don't mind. There is a board hanging on my wall in the back entry that states the following..."How blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog." INDEED.... I feel triple blessed today...Have a wonderful day. Blessings to Wilf. :-)