Monday, March 5, 2012

The Pointer Sisters .

Wilfs self-confidence returning . The confusion slowly lifting . The family fellow escorts ' the font ' to the Sunday morning meeting of the Beautiful Byeways Association . A full house. Thirty villagers. Half a dozen assorted children . A canine contingent including a bad tempered Yorkie , two perpetual motion Jack Russells, and two adolescent Pointer sisters rejoicing in the names of Jiffy and Boofy . Wilf immediately falls asleep under the table. His snores partially masking the pandemonium of French country life.

A presentation by an expert on the state of the reconstructed 16th century pottery kiln. It's been built on waterlogged ground next to the village pond. There's a danger that the 1600 degree temperatures inside the kiln coupled to the groundwater could lead to an explosive build-up of super heated steam. The expert also wonders why anyone would build a tiled roof over the kiln chimney. The mayor looks at his feet. The farmer with the red face and the bulbous nose turns and says '' I told you so ". The mayor says he did nothing of the sort.

Wilf and the font return after two hours . Wilf has slept through the bickering , ' the font ' hasn't. ' The font 'needs a large glass of champagne . Angus also has one . Wilf has a Jacobs Cream Cracker.


  1. Don't forget to relocate the picnic table somewhat apart from the kiln.

  2. Perpetual motion Jack Russells? Angus, we hate to imply even the slightest criticism of your always beautifully written blog posts, but surely the first two words there are redundant.

  3. Wilf's face is more cheerfull today than yesterday. Confusion is going away, bye bye !
    A new week for the beloved boy, hope it will be a good one.
    All my love for you Wilfee boy.
    Enjoy this Monday. Bonne journée to you Angus, and Lady Font.

  4. Lucky Wilf, Jacobs cream crackers are a real treat.
    So glad to hear he's feeling better.

  5. At first we thought Madame Bay would be singing along with the Pointer Sisters....

    Sounds like the committee members are gearing up for a summer of stand offs.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  6. The Font should be renamed St. Font, by the sound of things. Sunday champagne an excellent cure. So glad Wilf is feeling better.

  7. France profonde - with all these canine fellows - Wilf love your fotos - hugs from all of us - Susik, Daisy, Foxiie, Kiri and Dandylion

  8. *shudder* I would make a horrible secretary for the Beautiful Byways committee! I think 'the Font' deserves more than a glass of champagne!

  9. It's a relief to hear that Wilf's confusion is lifting. I hope that you have a happy springtime ahead with him... but, as someone in similar shoes as you, I know... one day at a time. It sounds like yesterday was a good one.

    I've made the mistake of getting involved a "village" issue here. I've never been made so angry by a hapless group of people in my life. Maybe some champagne would help me to see the small funny parts of it...

  10. Never a dull moment in your corner of France. Glad to hear Wilf is feeling better.


  11. So glad to hear that things are clearing up for Wilf. And a Jacobs cream cracker as well! The teenager in our house loves those as well. Enough to sit down and eat the whole sleeve! Good for Wilf for sleeping through the racket. He knows how to take it easy! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  12. So glad to hear Wilf is doing better. Great way to begin our week.

  13. wilfee laughing... looking up!
    some of your best hilarious writing!
    cream crackers...
    it just doesn't get much better!!!
    love you three in deepest france

  14. Cheers for Wilfee's "coming around". We hope daily improvements will be seen!

    I love it that Wilf snoozes through the town meeting. I bet everyone wishes they could!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  15. Wilf looks so happy - perhaps he's relieved and rested after the Byways meeting? I'm interested to see/hear about the super heated steam....

  16. Wilf looks very happy!

  17. Elated to hear Wilf is getting back to himself. This stroke business has had us worried. Please give him a hug from us.

    What has the poor font gotten into? Give the font a hug from us too!

  18. Our neighbourhood traffic meeting of last week sounded so much the same.
    Such is life everywhere.
    So happy Wilf is returning to himself!

  19. hooray !! woofs + kisses + tons of love
    Winnie Dixon, Samuel, Susan avec les Chats

  20. Wilf's smile this morning is wonderful!

  21. It sounds like the kiln will become an unusable monument to your current mayor!

    While you and the font are drinking champagne has Wilf ever tried a small bowl of bubbly (plain carbonated water) to tickle his tastebuds?

  22. Good to see a happy Wilf. I think he deserves a spoon of peanut butter with the cracker for his services.

  23. After a meeting like that I would need the whole bottle ;) Wilf's smile is one of a kind, so happy to read that he is better.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  24. Very happy that Wilf continues to improve. He certainly has figured out the best way to get through a community meeting.

    So which will be cheaper: move the kiln, move the pond, or just embrace the status quo? We're guessing that after a lot of heated discussion, French frugality will win out.

    Jed & Abby

  25. Glad to hear you are feeling better Wilfie, and I hope smelling good after your bath. Smooches to you old man.

    Love Julie and Poppy Q