Friday, March 9, 2012

Judge Judy .

Three in the morning . A storm sweeps down, unforecast, from the Pyrenees bringing howling winds and icy rain. The watering cans blown tumbling, noisily, across the lawn . Wilf , once the most imperturbable of dogs, can't sleep. He wanders up and down the stairs , agitated by the clattering shutters, bumping into furniture as he goes .

Angus finally gets up and escorts him into the ' snug '. Wilf settles down while the storm rages . Nose and paws on owners left foot. We watch a replay of the Ireland-France rugby match . Then we channel surf . Ten minutes of Judge Judy, dubbed badly , into French . Her homespun philosophy lost in translation . The same true for the Big Bang Theory .

The BBC Gaelic channel has a cooking competiton from the Outer Hebrides. Angus learns that people on Benbecula are now cooking with olive oil. One of the judges , a lady from South Uist, snorts in disbelief when hearing this news. '' I'll carry on with the butter '' she says using the definite article in that giveaway Hebridean manner . True conservatism.

This morning Angus is suffering from sleep deprivation . He has two large coffees at the cafe under the arcades. One side of his face appears to have been shaved. The other not . Wilf by contrast is in fine form . An actual spring in his step . Keen to be lifted down from the back of the car.

The man on the motability scooter laughs with happiness when the old fellow eats his illicit half croissant . As we go he shouts out to Wilf and anyone else listening " May God give you health, and may He be not unmindful of me, as well " . A line from Cervantes ?


  1. Poor Angus, looking after an old dog is tiring at times !!
    So glad to hear Wilf is back on form regarding his croissant consumption - a real step forwards !!

  2. We too are laughing with happiness (and still occasionally cooking with 'the butter').

  3. I join in into that wish for lovely Wilf - looking so dash and well - love from Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Kiri
    We just overcame a cat crisis in the outside storage room- Foxxie found out with his 14 years that illicit guest are sleeping there - hell broke loose...

  4. So sorry about the loud racket that kept your from sleeping!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Dubbed programs are always a bit strange. So happy to hear Wilf was up for his croissant after a restless night, or was it just Angus who was restless....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  6. You're right about the quote. I read it about a week ago on another blog that I follow called 'Letters of Note.' The quote was penned in a letter that John Steinbeck wrote to his editor as part of a dedication. If you're interested, here's a link to that post:

    I find the blog to be really interesting. It compiles letters, post-cards, telegrams etc., from slaves, presidents, and movie-stars, and even Jim Hensen's muppets which is today's post.

    **I hope today is a quiet one for Wilf, and you are able to catch up on your rest!!

  7. Wilf's croissant appetite has returned! Our elderly gent Finney sends his regards to Wilf...they are in a similar boat. Bon weekend.

  8. I'll take a slice of that tossed comment for my husband, if that's okay. I'm sure Wilf wouldn't mind sharing!

  9. Same weather conditions here in the Texas
    Hill Country. Awake since 2 AM. Tried
    listening to sleep-inducing financial
    analyses of today's Greek crisis. No
    luck. Glad Wilf's back to his croissants.

  10. Looking especially handsome today, Wilf! Even bright eyed and bushy tailed!....DBH

  11. I'm glad to hear that Wilf is back to enjoying his croissants! :) It sounds like a good day, even with the sleep deprivation.

  12. Love the quote - and the fact that Wilf is eating croissants again :-)

  13. oh joy! the half croissant is back in his morning routine!
    and angus...
    i've known few men, my brother and you the exception, that are more kindly patient, caring and loving to one of nature's truest friends.
    despite the lack of much needed rest... your post is dryly hilarious! move over brad pitts of the world... the latest cool look from france profonde is the half-shave!
    much restful love to you three in the most colorful village in the world,
    tammy j

  14. The return of the illicit croissant!! Hooray! Hope The Font returns home soon.

  15. Olive Oil is good and better for you than butter.

  16. We're always amazed at what is on TV at wee hours of the morning. Dubbed Judge Judy might be more amusing than the original. We do confess to watching several cooking shows -- but not this particular competition. And we often turn to the butter, but most often prefer the olive oil!

    Happy half croissant day!!!


  17. Ah well, half a shaven face a small price to pay for a happy boy.
    Wilf is my hero.

    As to butter-devoted old ladies.... beware the Paula Deen scenario.

  18. WIlf is back to his croissants!! Rejoice! Sorry to hear of the sleep deprivation, we can relate having 2 of 3 dogs that are in the winter of their life. Hopefully tonight will be an early one and tomorrow will be back to normal! Wilf is looking quite handsome in the first snap today! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  19. You get Judge Judy in France? Well I have no reason NOT to move there now! :)

  20. How nice of them to put in a "dog's bar" under the arcade - and to label it in English. Even nicer that Wilf still gets special service. And that he's able to enjoy a nibble of croissant again.

    We get a little taste of the French electioneering on the local France 24 channel. Compared to the rancor here, they are amateurs. And that's just the Republicans tearing each other to shreds. The really vicious campaigning hasn't even started yet. It's going to be a long year.

    Jed & Abby

  21. I'm so very happy that Wilf wanted his half-croissant. The old fellow must have a spring in his step. Smiles from us...

  22. So glad Wilf can now enjoy his croissant. There should always be plenty of these rewards for getting old. Morning croissants, long ambles in the country and naps by the fire are what pleasures to look forward to. Keep teaching us the great lessons Wilf.