Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sun gives way to drizzle.

We sat outside on the terrace yesterday having lunch in the late November sunshine. This morning we've woken to find that the blissful, cloudless, warm weather has changed to grey drizzle. Wilf and Digby, who have now become used to warm, dry weather, went to the kitchen door, undertook a peremptory saunter into the garden, and were back inside again and snuggled down on their blankets - all within two minutes. Now that they are getting older their behaviour is changing. They were once super charged bundles of energy 24/7. But these days they are more gentile - before eight in the morning and after eight at night comfort takes precedence over excitement.' The font' rather unhelpfully has just leant over my shoulder to point out that they are taking after me in this regard. Hmmmph!
Once again our Gallican critters have outsmarted and outwitted the cunning, and expensive, contraptions set up so carefully to catch them. Faced with fresh evidence of their nocturnal partying, it has been decided (by 'the font') that a telephone call to a professional will be the first order of priority tomorrow morning. By the way, thanks for the comments and e-mails about how to bait the traps. Nothing works - not even peanut butter. These are clearly gourmand mice.
Yesterday lunchtime saw the Toulouse - Montauban rugby match take place - a major event in the life of Tarn-et-Garonne. By eleven the streets were deserted and the shops were empty of baguettes, croissants, beer and cheese as the entire male population of the departement migrated en masse for picnics outside the stadium. The French certainly know how to enjoy themselves and do so without any signs of public drunkeness or aggression - a clear sign that we are not in an Anglo-Saxon society. In this part of the world rugby rather than soccer dominates the headlines. With the obvious exception of the US, I wonder if there is anywhere else where soccer doesn't overshadow everything else? Perhaps some of those American dependencies where they play baseball or Greenland where it's presumably too cold?

The boyz were groomed within an inch of their lives yesterday in order to make them look less like waifs. Digby loves the attention and is soon asleep as the brush runs over him. Wilf in contrast squirms and squeals and utters loud yelps that make it sound as if he's being tortured with electric cattle prods. This morning both of them look as though they've never been near a brush or a comb in their lives.

Finally, thanks to our friends at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures for awarding the boyz the prize in a wildly technical and complex quiz.


  1. Rugby - I miss those rugby games - my husband played for several different teams when he was younger. It's an exciting and dangerous game.

    And the mouse saga continues. Maybe they are too full to be baited in traps. Hopefully the exterminator will be able to rid you of them.

    We'll be getting a package off to the boys within the next couple of days.

  2. I really hope that you prevail over those mice! I imagine them in black spy gear, eavesdropping on your plans and then laughing to themselves over your attempts to thwart them. Hopefully you won't have to resort to *gasp* getting a cat!


  3. Sounds exactly like Edward and Apple. Edward adores being brushed and puffied. He drifts off to sleep contentedly during the process. Apple on the other hand, has way too much to do to put up with the time it takes to brush her and will scream lustily at the very thought. We do it all anyway.

    I'm sorry about the mouse problem. One or two is rather Beatrix Potter. Scores are a horror movie!

  4. Woohoo! Or should we say, oolala! We've just come over from Rocky Creek Scotties and Java's place to say "Congratulations" and "Nice to meet you!" You look like perpetual puppies. Balls of fluff. Snuggle bunnies . Powderpuffs. OK. We realize some of those descriptions may not be all the complimentary to a couple of guys, but you ARE awfully cute, and we're not editing our thoughts.

    It'll be nice to get to know you! Drop by sometime!

    Love ya. Your new friends,
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  5. Hello there you two cute llittle scruff mutts!! How come we haven't come across you earlier?
    Anyway, we'll follow you now and hope you'll make it over to our blog soon!!
    Inky and Molly

  6. Hello Wilf and Digby,
    Congrats on winning Rocky Creek's contest.
    I was interested in getting to know you because I love animals and France is very interesting to me. I would like to know more about it. Come and see me some time, Fern