Monday, August 16, 2010

The bees return

The bees have returned. You may remember that the bees had built a huge nest in the roof and that an 80 something gentleman in a white space suit came to remove them ( yes, that's right the one who put his foot through the bedroom ceiling in the process). Our apiarian expert took the Queen bee and her cohorts off to a hive some twenty five kilometres away to start a new life. Well, yesterday the bees decided that they'd had enough of their life in the country and came back . Wave after wave of workers and drones filled the air with their hyper active buzzing. By early afternoon it was clear that our previous problem has returned - but this time the bees seem to have brought their friends and extended family. The builders are supposed to come this morning to repair the gutters but of course they won't be able to because of the swarming bees. Sigh.

It had to happen. Wilf saw a bee on the ground, went over the check it out and managed to get stung on his paw pad. Will he ever learn ? Ten minutes of Oscar winning performance followed. First came the howls, then a sore paw was waved in the air, then mad charging around, then more howls, then a sustained ' how could you have let this happen to me?' glare. A quick anti-histamine, a cuddle, a foot wash and then a chew to take his mind off it. By lunchtime he was restored to full health but was still milking it for all it was worth. Note to Wilf - If you've been stung on your right paw don't hold out your left one.

In the afternoon off with the remaining gannets to an old eleventh century church deep in the sunflower fields. A Chopin concert in a little old building quite untouched in centuries. There were eleven of us in the church including the German pianist. An hour of musical intimacy with the thunderstorm over the Pyrennees adding to the acoustics . Polonaise with lightning flashes - sometimes you just know that France is special.

On the way home stopped off for a glass of wine at the local stone masons. He has just carved a most marvellous bull. Might we be interested in buying it for the garden?


  1. Angus I think you are being so totally unfair. Milking it indeed! Have you not heard of PTSDS (post-traumatic stressed dog syndrome). For which the treatment is unlimited treats for at least two days. What century do you live in? Oh, I get it, you were all confused after that concert in the eleventh century church...
    Toodle pip!

  2. Angus, your picture of the sunflowers and the church look like a painting and one that I would have in my home--It's just beautiful!!! I can't understand why the bees would want to leave such a stunning countryside! Are you going to call that same 80 year old gentleman and have him come and get HIS bees?

    Despite being paw-challenged, (not knowing his right from his left), I'm glad Wilf is okay!

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous - such an idyllic life.

    And I hope Wilf is back in fighting form this morning and stays away from those bees.

  4. Poor Wilf was no doubt reeling from the pain and got a little confused about which paw to hold out. Could happen to anyone. That's terrible about the bees coming back, though. The bull is quite fierce looking. Are you going to buy it?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. Goodness Wilf you must be careful! Next time instead of your paw it might be your wonderful NOSE that takes the hit! Love the photos Angus. What a lovely time to be in France.

    Yankee Gal

  6. We lived in a house once that had wasps in an unused chimney.It took us a few years to figure out where they were coming from. Once we removed the chimney and sealed it we were free of them. Hate to hear about Wilf. Poor dog.

  7. At least you didn't have to hear the Greyhound Scream Of Death! That will stop your heart for a second. I do feel sorry for Wilf, though. Bee stings are not fun. Perhaps he was holding up the left paw because it was tired after holding up the right all day!

    That picture of the church in the sunflower field is gorgeous!

  8. Poor Wilf :(

    Bees is the reason mom always has Mr. Ben A Drill stay at our house. I is always trying to catch thems. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Lovely photos today

  9. I hope your Apiary expert can come to the rescue again (without stepping through the roof). We think Wilf deserves extra treats after his harrowing experience (ha!).

  10. Poor Wilf. I hope you were able to get the stinger out quickly. If I were there, I'd help him milk his injury by giving him lots of loves and cuddles.

    Yikes, the bees really seem to like you! Glad I don't have that problem. I really haven't seen many bees this year. I know that's not good because we need bees to help polinate things but I can't say I'm too disappointed because I'm allergic to bee stings.

  11. OMG- I laughed OUTLOUD at Wilf's choice of left and right!!!!

  12. There seems to be more events happening in your small village than in my big city!!

  13. Lovely photos (esp like the one of the sunflowers and the church!) and poor Wilf...and good nursing care pulled him thru!

  14. The sunflowers are lookin' a bit sad. Have you repaired the ceiling from the last bee extraction?

    We're picking up a pattern here.....concert and thunderstorm.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Wilf could have been stung on the lip!

  15. Poor wilf, the curiously is too strong sometimes and it is hard to resist it! Glad you are feeling better.

    Your pictures are so beautiful, the nature so calming and the surrounding so peaceful. I am very envious!

  16. Absolutely love the two pictures of the church. I hope you print them out and put them on your wall!