Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sparks, cinders and pots. The village Vesuvius.

Out for an early morning walk with Wilf through the sunflower fields. For the second day in a row the chattering gaggle of pheasant and quail chicks streamed across the road directly in front of us - a scene of unbridled innocence. Wilf looked up when he heard the noise then reassumed his sniffing. A dog at peace with himself is a perfect companion.

THE great day has arrived. After another night of punch fuelled preparation by the villagers the brick kiln Vesuvius is all set for its great lunch time unveiling . It's cloudy this morning and I really hope the weather stays fine. Our sixty-five village neighbours have really put their hearts and souls into making this a joyous event.

While 'the font' dealt with a constant stream of visitors of the 'could we borrow some cream ?', 'do you have any more baking trays?' variety , yours truly and the gannets were despatched to the supermarket with a list of essentials. Top of the list was champagne - the secret ingredient in turning a chore into a pleasure. Then off to the fruit counter for peaches so that we could make bellinis. I have the feeling that the day will end up with villagers and potters encamped on our lawn in search of a glass or two of effervescent nectar. Wilf of course can be expected to work the crowds in search of sloppy eaters.


  1. High times for Wilf this evening. There'll be loads of dropped food when the punch takes hold.

    Can't wait to see the pottery you have to buy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  2. I would love a Bellini - and it's only 8:00am on a Sunday morning.

  3. I hope that all goes well for the village! I googled "gannet" trying to understand its implications when used for a family member...

    I hope that Wilf makes lots of friends this afternoon! I'm glad that he's recovered from his stomach issues. K and Wilf share the pancreatitis issue, and our vet emphasizes that K can only have certain very bland foods. It's a tough regime that means no treats from strangers etc. I'm not sure that Wilf wants to do it. K certainly wouldn't recommend it but I suspect it helps keep her healthy.

    I expect to see your kiln on CNN tonight since there's such "international interest" after all!

  4. Wilf is going to be one busy fellow! I have a feeling the libations being served at your house are a lot better than the mayor's wife's punch. I wonder how Madame Bay will fit into the festivities of the day. I can't wait to find out tomorrow!

  5. Anticpation mounting....good luck and stay safe.

  6. I love the grocery store pictures, but then again I love grocery stores! :)

  7. I hope it all went off beautifully. Looking forward to reading all about it.

    wags, Lola