Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The motley crew.

The tree man arrived with his colleague at seven followed by the roofer and his mate five minutes later . Apologising for his tardiness the gutter repair man drove up with his team of likely lads five minutes after that. Ten past seven in the morning and the driveway already looked as though we were hosting a white van convention. By the time we'd all finished saying 'bonjour' to each other, lit a Gauloise , analysed the Toulouse rugby teams chances and determined the health of respective spouses and children it was getting on for seven thirty.

Wilf sat proprietorially in his position by the front door step as this array of workmen set about their analysis of the fallen tree limb and the damage to the roof of the barn. He quickly made the judgement that no Jaffa Cakes were likely to be forthcoming from this motley crew in their bib overalls and withdrew into the hall to resume his morning nap.

My French vocabulary when it comes to tree diseases is somewhat limited . However, it seems that woodpeckers have been busy on the old oaks and wasps have built nests in the weakened branches. "No cause for alarm" said the tree man smiling broadly while looking at the huge, life threatening branch balanced precariously on the barn roof. By eight they had all gone . 'Au revoir M'Ongoose' . It seems the roof, the gutters, and the remaining overhanging oak limb are all to be dealt with another day - something to do with getting the right materials. " No problem. We'll call you later this week " they shouted. ' Yes, and I'm the Pope' I mouthed to myself as they disappeared out of sight down the lane.

At least the large branch has been cut into sections by the tree mans chain saw wielding colleague. Progress of sorts ? Wilf gave me his best quizical look.


  1. I'm starting to seriously sympathize! While we don't own, we are putting in a fence and already the fence guy didn't show up, not once, but twice for two appointments. sigh. Now we know the real reason Europe has managed to keep it's ancient buildings!

  2. Seven a.m.! We were prepared for a change in work practices! Sounds like somethings stay the same.

    Did they use the 'the tool we need is back at the workshop' excuse?

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  3. You're the Pope Angus? Well that is a revelation!
    Toodle pip!

  4. I thought there was going to be progress because you were off to such a good start!! Have you tried offering them Jaffa Cakes?

  5. So now, do you have a bonfire with the cut up tree and smoke out any bees and woodpeckers that would be left. Or will they cart it off on another day?

  6. Hey Mongoose...
    Haven't been around the blogs for a while so have just popped by to see what you have been up to...seems like you have a lot of forestry issues. What fun!
    Good news...your heat is being sent our way!
    (Oh by the way...you should be thankful that at least your builders/workmen etc actually ARRIVE! Here it's permanent holiday!)
    Sending lotsagreetings to you all and a cyber-sausage for Wilf!

  7. Wilf's quizical looks are always the best!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Wilf speaks more with his expressions that almost anyone else I know!

    Enjoy the slow pace of life in France Profunde!

  9. Perhaps Jaffa Cakes will be included among "the right materials?"

  10. I love it! Sounds like French workmen are very similar to their Irish counterparts!

    take care
    Murray's Mom

  11. So, you had a big workers' conference at your house at 7AM, and then everyone left without doing much of anything?

    I'd have a quizzical look on my face too! Especially since they didn't even bring Jaffa cakes to the conference.

  12. Because of our recent water sage (where we did reference you - grins), we offer our total sympathies for the lack of progress.

  13. I think things might be nicer if you WERE the Pope. And then Wilf could run around the Vatican!

  14. Everything always seems to happen so early there. Doesn't anyone like to sleep in there?

    Hope the workmen will return soon and get everything all taken care of.