Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The New York Review of Books is delivered. Its the August 19-September 29th edition. September ! When the 'ber' months arrive you know the year is no longer sauntering along but is suddenly charging ahead. It can only be a matter of weeks now before the first e-mail arrives from a hotel in Florida offering Christmas vacation packages. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea of 'the fonts' to place the order for the new stove before the factory closed for the August holidays.

The bee man arrived and promptly departed. Something to do with it being far too hot to be working in his protective gear. He has promised to return bright and early today while it's still cool. Shortly after our apiarist departed three men in dungarees arrived to replace the gutters. They took one look at the hoarde of swarming bees and left. They haven't given a date for their next visit. " We're booked solid ". Sigh.

The sunlight streaming into the hallway windows lit up a Murano vase that we'd bought in Rome. One of the few breakable things to survive the housejacking. Something about the angle and intensity of yesterdays sun brought it to life. It glowed as if charged with an inner fire.

'The font' and assorted gannets headed off to London yesterday. A reminder call to the junior gannet , ahead of their arrival, to make sure that the flat in London is tidy and presentable. Some chance. Wilf and I shared a pizza, cracked open a few beers, unlocked the wine cellar, rug surfed, watched a programme called 'The worlds fastest police chases' on television ( mental note :- never, ever go on an Interstate in Alabama after dark, it's crazy down there ),rug surfed some more and then fell deep asleep in an eerily silent house.


  1. One hopes that the beer-fuelled rug surfing activities took place at some safe distance from the Murano vase....
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. The vase is really lovely, I've heard that there's no better way to showcase the light from Mother Nature than in Murano glass. I've noticed the light changing here, the feel of fall is in the air, and so is the dog-hair from the shedding that's starting too!

  3. Beers, wine cellar and rug surfing. We are really counting on a video in the very near future.

  4. I'm reasdy to embrace the crisp spine-tingling freshness of autumn, however our summer will be extended by a trip to South Carolina and then the west coast of Mexico in October. That cozy new sweater will have to wait another two and a half months for it's inaugural wearing. Mongoose, exactly how many gannets are there in your household, we'd assumed just the two college -aged boys.

  5. Wow! That vase is beautiful and so is that photo! Great shot!

    I have relatives in Alabama and all I'll say is that you should avoid infractions of the law there at all costs, daylight or darkness!

  6. Good luck with those bees! We had hives for years so know all about protective gear!

    Sounds like you and Wilf had a real boys night-in! We're not too fond of American roads either after our 'incident' with the cops in South Carolina last month!

    - Clive

  7. Sounds like a wunderful way to spend the evening...

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Wilf looks as though he enjoyed the pizza - or was it the red wine?

  9. Hey there Mongoose
    It seems like it is a buzzzzzz of activity in your neck of the woods. gannets migrate?
    Lovely vase!...lovely descriptions too.
    Sending lotsaluv

  10. Lovely view of the sun on the vase. We have had a record 31 days straight of rain which has collapsed a rainy day record set back on 1951! Happy to report I will escape this soggy land in Sept for sunny days in NYC! Your bee situation seems dire! I loved how you used the term "Dungarees" and stayed carefully away from "Levis" (smiling)

  11. You two boys really know how to live it up in style.

  12. "When the 'ber' months arrive you know the year is no longer sauntering along but is suddenly charging ahead."

    ^^^Never thought of it that way but so true!

    You rug surfed with Wilf? Sounds kind of fun.

    I can't decide if I like that vase or not. I kind of do and kind of don't. But I don't know what exactly it is that I don't like about out.

  13. You make me laugh almost every day. Pizza, beer, and rug surfing - what more could a dog or his human want?

    You also send me to the dictionary almost every day. Apiarist was today's word. Excellent - I'm expanding my vocabulary by reading your blog. However, I'm not sure how "apiarist" will naturally fall into a sentence anytime soon.

    Finally, I can't agree more about the "ber" months. I bet that the first Christmas catalog arrives soon.

  14. Why s it that all my favowite momf..(fall) go wif the speed of light, while this has been the most howwific endless soggy hot summew i wemembew in my life
    smoochie kisses

  15. Mongoose: We got a bee story to beat your bee story:

    Short story: 60 boxes of appox 50,000 Italian honeybees fell off a truck. The bees decided they liked a sheriff's car better than their boxes. Deputy couldn't get out of the car, had to call 911 (emergency number). Beekeepers came and rescued deputy.

    Hopefully, you don't have that many and they are gone soon.
    Love the sunshine thru the Murano glass.

  16. i just got surprised with a glass blowing class from my G and LOVED it, the piece is beautiful!!!