Friday, January 27, 2012

The Best a Man Can Get .

Back from a trip across the Alps. A ' fun ' night with unsmiling folks in dark suits. The snack on the aircraft bordering on the surreal . Possibly a sausage. Possibly not .

As usual Angus is viewed by the worlds airport security staff as an existential threat. At Toulouse it's the rollers on the carry on bag that attract attention . In London it's the shoes that bring out the wand of shame . In Zurich the shaving foam . '' The Best a Man Can Get " glowing on the x-ray screen as brightly as a kilo of Semtex .

Wilf usually greets his nearest and dearest in dignified silence. Not today . He's in puppy mode. The old fellow pulls himself up and heads across the marble floored arrivals hall at a surprisingly ( for him ) rapid pace . ' The font ', in hot pursuit. He's heading, in what he thinks, is my direction . Canine sixth sense. The old chap apprehended before disappearing behind the sliding doors that lead through to customs .

Reunited . Flock all accounted for . The family fellow lets out three high pitched yelps of delight. An enthusiastic face lick . Then he turns on his back and falls asleep. The happy stage in life where you simply don't care what people think. ' The font's ' greeting more demure . Laughter all round .


  1. So good to see Wilf having good days and joyous reunions.

    Jed & Abby

  2. Your inflight meal was disturbing at best. I hope it doesn't give me nightmares!
    Wilf, of course, looks fabulous as always!

  3. Angus, here's hoping that you've sorted out the world economy in your spare time away from your principal role as Wilf's companion, carer and croissant feeder. (And surely you saved some of that in flight meal so Wilf could give an opinion.)
    Cheers, Gail.

  4. Ahhhhh, airline food!

    Glad Wilfee has his flock back together....have a good weekend.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Hey there Mongoose,
    What a Wilfey reunion! I'm sure it makes up for all your airport security obstacles. Home security guards are the best!
    Hope you are all well. Sorry for my absence; been pretty hectic this end. So happy to see that Wilf soldiers on.
    Sending lotsaluv

  6. "laughter all around" and laughter here too!
    i love wilfee's greetings at the airport. maybe he's finally realizing that when you leave, you really will be back!!! ... even if they try to do you in at the security gate and then make matters worse with poisonous looking sausage. yuk!
    love and nose kisses,
    tammy j

  7. Hope you had drinks with Mick Jagger rather than DC

  8. So 'the font' greeted you with a few high pitched yelps and skipped the face licking? :P

    You must have really angered the airline gods at some point! I'd have laughed if the shaving cream had exploded. That would teach them!

    I am afraid to know what that sausage thing was. Please, just don't tell me, and don't tell me if you ate it!

  9. Ah, Wilf is happy again! I'm glad to hear that his puppy antics returned today with your return.

  10. What is the airline thinking??? Awful looking fare....Too bad you could not toss it out onto those clouds.

    Glad all is well & order is restored at the rickety old farmhouse.

  11. I have been following Wilf's story for quite a while now...(going on a year or so??) Anyway...I just have to say I let out a huge inner sigh of relief when I saw your post and Wilf's pic today...Two days and no post...I honestly have to say it has caused me MUCH worry about his state...I am happy today. I am a DOG lover to the core, and this canine is so incredibly can't help but fall in love and get sucked in to his life saga...I am thrilled you are back and Wilf is fine...Oh..and I enjoy reading your daily escapades and trivia!!! :-) Not a lurker, just an avid fan who gets joy stopping in to keep up with Wilf. Happy feet and smiles here today. Just sayin' Cedar Rapids Iowa...

  12. Glad to hear Wilfie is doing well today. I am glad I don't have a job that requires travel. It doesn't sound like a fun time going through security or trying to have a decent meal.


  13. Happy day for all when Wilf's in puppy mode!! He does make our heart sing! Wilf always does his best......DBH

  14. You'd think for the price of airfare these days they could offer a more appetizing looking snack.
    Oh Wilf's greeting is a special one. Such a sweet, uninhibited pooch. Give him a cuddle from us.

  15. Please tell me you didn't eat that thing.
    So happy Wilf's happy!!

  16. The "sausage carving" reminds me of a salamander found in a local lake. It would be interesting to know how many people took a pass on that item.

    Glad to hear Wilfee is very happy at your return! Such a dear boy is Wilf!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  17. I hope you didn't eat that "sausage". Yikes! So happy to hear of Wilf's happiness and greeting! He sounds like me, I could fall asleep just about anywhere! Keep on going Wilf, handsome boy!!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  18. Wilf certainly improves the state of the world!

  19. Love Wilf's priorities and enthusiasm! The whatever snack looks dreadful. The sign - sigh - wish it were so. Hope they listened. With enough XRays, Angus, you may end up the next Spider Man :).

  20. Bisous my sweet Wilfee, happy to see you feel better today. Happy to see Angus, safe and back home. OMG, the saussage ! It is like it explosed !
    Belle soirée à vous trois.

  21. When you travel, it is always an adventure. :) Hugs for Wilf.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  22. I wonder what Wilf would have thought of the meal - would he have been tempted or do you think he would have turned his nose up at the sight of that sausage!

  23. Alas, I am impressed enough to post immediately. I am catching up on your blog, I am as of yet in September of 2011, having started in Italy. I was starting to believe 'Sprinkles' in that you were a motivational speaker and just "worldy" and interested in economics and the financial world. But, now that I see that you have been a part of the World Economic Forum, I think not. I have not written due to the fact that I haven't caught up with your blog and I am one of those in a plain black (usually navy) suit drones that you complain about (although I smile at most and say "Hi!"). I decided instead to catch up with Wilf and Digby and then start commenting about my admiration for you and your "font's" care of the precious PON's. But, today, I cannot resist, as you posted a picture of the sign amongst signs - coveted sign to enter the World Economic Forum. Do not get me wrong, an entry sign to Wilf's World would make my heart grow two-fold, but a sign to enter the economics and financial WORLD would increase it by half. You have given us the mysteries of both Wilf and Digby day by day, I thank you. I had hoped and still hope you gave more about the inner workings of Europe, as the US is now more involved, financially. This week's earnings being mixed, today the DOW down, but S&P and the NAZ up (why people watch the DOW, with only 30 stocks is still baffling). In any case, I wish you and yours well from your horror in Italy - to have survived gave hope, for the courage gave honor. I wish you, your family and friends well. I wish Wilf a happy and long life. I have never questioned Kismet's (my precious Yorkie) age as an age of aging, as he is only 12, everyone thinks he is a puppy. I have rarely given him dog food, I did not appreciate the chemicals that need not be. But he is full of sprite and with age full of spite - he does not tolerate what he does not want lately, but I give him respect and of course, lots of kisses (along with the carrots that he loves - still). I do not have a blog, I did not see the point, I do admire yours - self-reflection for each day, does bring joy and thought. I hope you reply to this post, I am anonymous, though (without a blog and not wanting to post my email to all those that read). But, I do wish I had a black skirt suit with pearl white buttons - boy, do they really make those? Kismet would love a chance to chew those off... Love to you all - FA and Kismet from roundabouts Chicago and the financial and black suit world

  24. Oh Angus! From now on, you'll dispense with the top line shaving foam. You'll travel unshaven and unshowered. You'll embrace that swarthy look. Add a well worn, faux leather jacket, sandals worn with sox and your belongings carried in a string bag and you'll breeze through security. Now, if you could just add that noisome sausage thing , wrapped in a paper napkin, the picture would be complete.
    A wonderful welcome home for you, Angus. You are blessed. Please give our special love to Wilf.