Saturday, January 28, 2012

Groomed .

Friday afternoon . Wilf gets groomed . Reluctantly . In fact extremely reluctantly. The process accompanied by a medley of highly theatrical moans and groans . An Oscar winning performance . After twenty minutes of brushing and combing he's beginning to look like a PON. Twenty minutes later, following a quick walk to the fire hydrant , he's regained his wild , pre-groomed , look . A final roll on his back in the grass and all pretence at finesse has gone . He falls happily asleep, twigs and moss poking out of his fur. As old PON's know : ' Appear as you are. Be as you appear '. Roast Chicken with his dinner kibbles . One happy , if scruffy, family fellow .


  1. Bet Wilf enjoyed the post-grooming roll in the grass even more than usual. There's nothing like a good massage.

    Jed & Abby

  2. Edward enjoyed a wee bit of chicken tonight as well.
    And neither noticed nor cared that he had a gargantuan leaf attached to his tail while he did. Wilf looks exceedingly handsome as a result of his grooming. But then, he always does.

  3. A hairdresser once said to me there were two types of client. The first exited the salon head held rigid, determined at all cost to preserve the style so carefully imposed. The second walked out the door and immediately shook their head and rubbed their hands through the 'perfect' locks. Wilf, like me, is clearly of the latter category.
    Cheers! Gail.

  4. We always run around and roll after we've been groomed, too. We need to just be ourselves. Good on ya, Wilf.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Good for you Wilf!...I hate being groomed too.

  6. Charlie also gives an academy award worthy performance when being groomed. But when he's done, I also give an Oscar performance by making a fuss over him and telling him how handsome he is!

    Enjoy your day Angus and Wilf!

  7. I believe Wilf secretly knows the girls prefer the wild, untamed look.

  8. Wilf's Oscar worthy performance was likely more endearing than the sights & goings on I observed recently on Hollywood Boulevard. - after which I rewarded myself with a Magnolia Bakery cupcake!

    1. How well we know those Academy worthy moans and groans and heart-tending wails. My paws? I told you not to touch my paws. STOP! I'm calling 911! And so forth.. u

  9. Wilf defnitely is not the "every hair in place" type; he's more "gotta be me", and "I have bigger fish to fry", Albert Einstein sort of fella. Charm comes first a la Wilf.DBH

  10. i love all these comments!
    and can't quit smiling from your post.
    who cannot be crazy happy over a dog?
    i don't wanna know them!
    i love every hair on your little unkempt head wilfee!
    (when we brought zeke home from having his tummy area
    drained, i was worried he wouldn't feel good...
    first thing he did was fall into the grass and fishtail
    on his back for the longest time... then he stood up and
    grinned at us!)
    happy days.

  11. Wilf, I was expecting to see you with a pink bow clipped on your head! :)


  12. A well tousled Wilf still looks good to us.

  13. Wilf looks beautiful after his hairdo.
    Lulu is just the same, you would think she was being murdered judging by the noise she makes when being "coiffed". The first thing she does on her first walk afterwards is to roll in something "interestingly fruity" to restore her usual fragrance. What a waste of 36 quid every five weeks !! (Not really !!)

  14. Wilf is suave and debonair, groomed or less-than-groomed.

  15. Wilf is suave and debonair - groomed or less-than-groomed.

  16. You washed off all the good stink! What did you expect him to do? :)

  17. Scruffy or groomed, we love Wilf! How exciting, roast chicken with kibbles! I bet that went down with great appreciation! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  18. Good job, Wilf!!!! I couldn't agree with your motto more.

    We've had our labs groomed only once in 20 years. It was our first pair of Labs, and within 20 min of leaving the groomer, they were covered in mud. A waste of money... and we've never done it again :)

  19. Perhaps Wilf considers "what if I was placed in charge of a flock of sheep all groomed and immaculate?" "The sheep might think I wasn't a serious herder, wouldn't follow my orders, would humiliate me and then I would be most sorry I didn't roll around and get a little tough looking!" Sort of a dress for success thing, but different.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  20. Well, I guess Wilf prefers the unkempt rock star look! He's cute no matter what if you ask me!