Friday, January 20, 2012

The mayor, the MP and the leather patches .

An overcast morning . The font heads off to the IKEA in Toulouse to stock up on pickled herring and other Swdish ' delicacies '. At eight the builder arrives to finish repairing the hole in the wall. For much of the morning , he and Madame Bay argue loudly about the mess he's made. In the midst of this lengthy disagreement the mayor arrives at the front door with our local Member of Parliament.

The MP is not as I thought a Radical Socialist but a Radical Republican . Angus has no idea what this means . He could be anywhere on the political spectrum - either a French Barney Frank or a French Rick Santorum ? . Angus decides to keep off the subject of politics altogether . Wilf , who has had his sleep interrupted, pointedly wanders off to the quiet of the dining room and settles down under the table with a huff and a sigh .

The MP has leather patches on the elbow of his jacket . Something I last saw forty years ago on a teacher at school . Perhaps leather patches are coming back into fashion ? Our MP also speaks with the rapidity of a Kentucky tobacco auctioneer . Add to that the strong ' Oc ' accent and the communication is decidely one sided. Angus smiles and does his best politically neutral deaf / mute routine.

Over the statutory glass of champagne - " Oh well. Just the one " - the mayor informs me that the government will pay for two thirds of the cost of restoring the First World War frescoes in the church . Angus decides not to mention government cuts and the crisis in the €urozone. Lesson #1 when living abroad : As a foreigner never ever comment on the politics of your host country.

In the afternoon a trip to the supermarket for Jaffa Cakes . One very happy Wilf . Another day in France Profonde.


  1. A wise political decision. Wilf, as always, has the right idea!

  2. So glad you explained about the jaffa cakes. Just when I was thinking, based on the last photo, that the Toulouse version of IKEA stocks very different foods from the UK versions.

    One day I hope you'll tell us how they say "Oh well. Just the one" in French. (After all, it is a phrase you hear quite often, it seems).

  3. Communication with any politician is one-sided...

    Hope you got in loads of Jaffa Cakes.

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We're allowed to bite politicians.

  4. Elbow patches make me a little bit nostalgic and they are battling their way back--Much like Rick Santorum.

    I hope Wilf is doing well!

  5. politics.......blah! :) hugs to wilfie...

  6. Perhaps he's had the jacket for forty years and the fashion statement is that it's old... I never try to understand politicians. It just results in headaches!

    Glad Wilf got his Jaffa cakes!

  7. I am in love with Wilf - so happy for his jaffa cake day.
    Imagine contributing in Italy to a political discussion - impossible - just can see the scene.
    Leather patches are back in fashion, definitely, well observed.
    Love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy, Foxie and Kiritiger

  8. Very comforting and a relief to know Wilf decided to turn the page.......he is needed so very badly to keep an eye on his home and family. Happy Day, Wilfee......DBH

  9. Leather patches is may be to look like "farmers", because he is visiting a part of France profonde !? But, Angus, you didn't say a word ?
    Happy to see Wilfee better than yesterday and the day before.
    Bonne soirée à vous trois, et bisous à mon tendre Wilfee.

  10. i see wilfee is wearing his best "listening to politicians" face in the first picture. that polite, sidways grin... "you're kidding. right?"
    the last is simply adorable. his paws so neatly together.
    so glad he seems to be feeling better!
    love and wee bear hugs,
    tammy j

  11. My mother thought pickled herring was a delicacy too, so that means there have been two of them?

    Its always good to hear that Wilfee has improved a little since the beginning of the week. We think of the little fellow often, with love.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  12. Jaffa cakes makes us happy to! Even if the ones we get in the middle of Canada don't compare to the ones we've had in Scotland. No matter, they are delicious! Now if we could only get proper brown sauce here! No wonder Wilf is happy about this! Glad to hear Wilf is having a good day, even with the interruptions and the leather patches. Maybe some things never go out of style??

    However, wishing Wilf a happy Friday and more jaffa cakes!

    With love from your still frozen Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  13. I think I still have a jacket with leather patches. It was very hip in the day! :)

  14. I wish we could ignore the politics here in that I think of it, the Irish have ignored them and that's the problem. Love the Santorum and Frank references. Barney from my home state of Massachusetts - you are an astute student of politics, Angus! Love to Wilf, great photos today.

  15. I certainly hope you are planning on writing a book, you have such a cast of characters to choose from. :) Hugs for WIlf.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  16. I am thrilled to hear that Wilf is a happy PON. Hooray for Jaffa Cakes!

    You certainly made me chuckle with your mention of two extremes in American politics! Deaf and mute... If I ever move to a foreign country, I'll remember your advice.

  17. Around here, not commenting on politics in the house of your neighbor - or even close relatives - is also good advice right now. It's going to be a long, ugly year here in the U.S.

    Hope Wilfie is feeling better. Does he like the font's Swedish delicacies from IKEA?

    Jed & Abby

  18. You've mentioned Jaffa cakes on your blog before and they always look good. I gonna have to see if I can find some and order them.

    I had no idea IKEA sold Swedish delicacies. Never been but I thought they sold household good type of things.