Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The law won .

Wilf is once again lifted, bed and all, into the back of the old Volkswagen. He sleeps soundly all the way to Toulouse airport . The first flight from London is late . Why is it all first flights seem to run late ? The old fellow trots happily across the car park and into the arrivals hall. He knows he's en route to the airport cafe.

While we wait there's time enough to share the crusts from  two slices of buttered toast . At the third time of asking the evidently  tired waitress brings him a bowl of water. When I get up to pay I notice she's charged us for a full bottle of Evian. 

' The font ' appears at the table . No doubting where dog and owner would be found . Wilf is rendered speechless by this miraculous appearance .  That trademark soft shoe shuffle of delight accompanied by the manic stump wagging .

Home to find Madame Bay hard at work . The village green echoing to the sound of the 60's classic " I fought the law and the law won ". Or, to be more precise, "Ey fort ze lor an ze lor un " .

Brunhilda the German billionaires dog is back for the May Day holiday .She's sitting outside the town hall . She barks at Wilf. He ignores her . She rushes over, runs round him first this way, then that . He ignores her . She stretches out, head and paws down in that tell tale ' let's play ' mode. All to no avail. Wilf carries on, head down, blind to her blandishments .


  1. Brunhilda must try harder! Welcome back to The Font.

  2. Does Madame Bay have any relatives who live in the US and work as hard as she does? I'm being overrun with dog hair!

  3. He's a dog on a mission. Keeping focussed.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Poor Brunhilda! I hope she deals alright with the rejection! lol I guess Wilf's a dog who sticks closely to his priorities!

  5. Happy May Day to Wilf and his family!!

  6. So dear Wilf - no billionaire "fling"? Happy to read he is so well - love from Southern Italy - happy reunion celebrations love Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  7. Wilf is walking wisdom...in life many things come at you fast...but Slow and Steady wins the race. Rah! **poor Brunhilda...her best advances for the handsome Gent and {Epic Fail}...she must be pouting today. *a hug for Wilf!

  8. Happy 1st of May Wilfee !
    The tradition in France says that it is the day to offer a "brin de muguet" to the one we love. Hope Angus thought to buy one for Lady Font...
    Joli 1er Mai à vous trois.

  9. oh ....
    so many greats in this post today.
    i always breathe a sigh of relief when all his flock is together again.
    i trust granny font and the renters are still happy and doing well!
    and to think that your airport lets the little fellow in like a person is magic to me. they would make him show his paws here first to see if he's hiding a bomb in his fur... but then they would have banished him probably even from the parking lot! (GERMS you know. i guess. who knows why.)
    uh oh... is this turning into a rant?
    i love his pictures today. he even sits cute.
    love to you three in the france profonde,
    tammy j

  10. I guess that the bottle of Evian was payment for all those illicit half croissants!

    Love the soft-shoe and thump for the font!

  11. I agree, when you have multiple legs the first flight is always delayed

    Stop on by for a visit

  12. The look of bemusement on Wilf's face in the first photo is priceless. Nice to see him smiling in the third. Brunhilde has a great name. Glad the flock has reunited.

  13. She charged you for the water! Sounds like here in my neck of the woods!

  14. Typical of airport food/drink. Everything comes with a price in airports! Wilf, mind you, is looking rather dashing this morning, on a mission too! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  15. Evian - only the best for the lovely Wilf !!

  16. Glad Wilf and you have the Font and her good cooking back. That last photo looks like a Maxfield Parrish painting.

  17. We're sure Wilf's joy at the return of the font far outweighed the negative vibes from the surly waitress. [Hope you didn't tip her.]

    Jed & Abby

  18. Maybe Brunhilda should try dowsing herself in whatever our new girl Annie did that Lucas found totally irresistible!

  19. I just love Wilf and I just love your writing! The glimpses of people, you share only very little tidbits about them really but you/they capture my imagination so very much. The German Billionaire! HA! How funny. Is that really the name of her dog, I wonder??


  20. This water incident reminds me of what my husband said after being in Anchorage for the day (250 miles from here). He ate a restaurant meal paid then decided he wanted some water.Tje waitress brought a glass with a small amount of water and charged him .20 for it. He left her a quarter and said keep the change.