Saturday, May 12, 2012

The secret to a long, happy, life .

A day for dozing in the garden . After roast chicken and coconut ice cream we manage a late evening walk to the war memorial and fire hydrant. Wilfs attitude to life ?  " Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday ".


  1. Coconut ice cream! The best medicine!

  2. Wilf and family you are loved from the U. S. and everything good is wished for you. Every blessing for this very poignant time I tried to comment May 10 but I did it from my Kindle and I see my comment isn't there.

    Two Old English Sheepdogs and Their Mom

  3. Wow! The weekend meandyou just the job to keep a dog interested.
    Bon Appetit.

  4. Wilf family - we are thinking of you while gardening - love Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Kiri
    Bacetti per Wilf -
    coconut ice cream!!!!!

  5. Wilf's right, just as the saying, 'worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy,' is. I know you, the Font and Wilf are each finding joy in this day together!

  6. Wise Wilfie...I'll try to remember this.

  7. Dearest, sweet Wilf is looking very handsome if a bit tired. Sounds like he's whiling away the time so beautifully. x

  8. I can hardly wait for my computer to start so I can hurry and read about Wilf and find he is in my today once again. May he be in my tomorrow and many more. Wilf bring so much joy and makes my heart fill full of thanksgiving for a new day knowing he is here.

    Please, give him a big hug for me and tell him he is so loved and I am praying for him to have more days full of warm sun and all the treats that he want each day.

    Have another blessed day, till tomorrow.

  9. Keeping vigil with you from California, and grateful for another peaceful day for 'our' sweet Wilf.

    Sending love and prayers,

    Purple Magpie and Mitzi the Dog

  10. Joy. A very powerful thing, isn't it. There is certainly a lesson to be learned here. Learning to live joyfully; Wilf's legacy for us.
    Kiss him for us and tell him we love him and tell him that we will learn.

  11. Our day just starting here, indeed it sounds like it will be a good day for being in the garden, for us humans not so much dozing as planting and setting it to rights, but for Wilf, that is one perfect day! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  12. Indeed...he is wise...My mom had that saying in her house, and it ended up with...."and all is well..." so happy that he can still stomach some of his favorite vet always said as long as they still want to eat they are still hanging in there...!! :-) Have a blessed day Wilf. sending a {hug}

  13. Wise Wilf knows the secret of taking each day as it comes....Blessings to Dearest Wilf..DBH

  14. oh my. a gift to all of us.
    my trip got cancelled. so seeing this precious wee face is twice the joy. the pictures of him are so beautiful!
    a happy happy grin on my face.
    deep love and special hugs,
    tammy j

  15. Sounds very pleasant to me! Enjoy your Saturday!

  16. Bon jour, Vilfee!! Sending love...

  17. Roast chicken and coconut ice-cream, perfect!!

    xxxx(for Wilf)

  18. Love and greetings, noble Wilf. I'm playing a concert tonight and dedicating my song, "Someplace Green" to you!

  19. Wilf does look tired, but I'm so glad he's still soldiering on.

  20. Just what we all need, a day for dozing in the garden. Paradise. Thank you Wilf and Angus.

  21. Hello dear Wilf...we are walking around France by your side in spirit, my dear. You are one tough cookie!! Speaking of which, could we stop a buy a croissant? I'm starving.

    You are in Paradise and surrounded by a very very loving community, real and virtual.


    Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley

  22. It is 22 h 40, here in Brittany, and i think to you Wilfee. I just hope you had a peaceful and restful day.
    I send you all my love sweet boy. Bisous mon tendre.
    See you tomorrow...

  23. A sweet and restful day for our wise Wilf.

  24. Hello Wilfee and family....sending you lots of love and kindred thoughts from all the way in Barbados.
    I have been a fan for quite some time, and I would never dream of starting my day without checking in with Wilf first. He has been a great inspiration to me.
    Bow wows are the best friends in the world, they ask nothing in return, just love and love and love.
    Wilfee has been there for me after I lost my long time companion Shaggy earlier this year.
    My prayers are with you all.
    Tummy rub and ear tickles with a big pinch of Caribbean love for my sweetie Wilfee.
    Always, Virginia & Brownie

  25. Yesterday I walked out of our computer room and told my teen daughter that I was so relieved that Wilf in France had another good day. She gave me a bemused look, then laughed and said "sheesh mum, anyone would think he is real or something!"

    My goodness! It was my turn to look bemused and I asked what on earth she meant! She thought that these past couple of weeks (I have been reading for a lot longer but have only recently begun sharing with her) that I had been updating her all about a book I have been reading online and that I was all wrapped up in a fictional Wilf. Now I have been known to get all wrapped up in a good book and to share my enthusiasm with her, so I understand why she thought that, but there was obviously a total disconnect between us there for a while. You can be sure I enlightened her.

    I am so glad that the very real Wilf enjoyed some ice cream today. . . I am off to share the good news with my daughter.