Monday, January 18, 2010

Camera shy.

Digby doesn't like to be photograped. Usually, he looks away just , turns around , or dives into a pile of leaves at the very moment the shutter on the camera phone is clicked. He clearly believes that to allow his likeness to be captured is akin to allowing someone to steal a piece of his soul. When he does deign to look at the camera it is with a barely disguised bad tempered glare along the lines of 'what are you looking at?'. Wilf by contrast is quite content to look straight at the camera all day. This is usually done from a prone or seated position in the hope / belief that a biscuit will eventually find its way to him. How two brothers can have such totally different character traits never ceases to amaze me.

'The font' is away in London looking after 'Granny font' so the boyz were able to play rugby and rug surf in the hallway late into the night. Eventually the games came to an end two hours past their usual bedtime when Wilf fell into a deep,deep sleep with the ball firmly anchored between his jaws. Wilf sleeps absolutely silently but Digby makes noises like an old steam engine that needs a lube job. He moans, groans, sighs, snores and generally thrashes around all night. His repertoire of woeful sounds used to worry me but after nine years one gets used to it. 'The font' rather unhelpfully takes the view that some dogs mimic their masters. Hmmm.


  1. One of our boys doesn't like his picture taken either...But we think it's because his previous owner worked for "the agency" and spies never like their picture taken...Maybe Digby is one as well and you just don't know it! ;-)

  2. Well it seems like Digby and I share some traits. Camera shyness (although I have become more tolerant with age) and nighttime noises. Does Digby dream too I wonder?
    Cheers! H.

  3. Our boy, Hawk, was camera shy as well! He was such a goofy guy, but all the pictures we have of him show him looking so GQ, because he'd always refuse to look at the camera. We always joked that it was trying to steal his soul as well!

    I'll refrain from comment on the snoring!

  4. Both Edward and Apple love to have their photographs taken. Unless there's a squirrel in the vicinity, then all bets are off.

  5. I love the vision of Wilf falling into a deep sleep with the ball firmly anchored in his jaws!

  6. Your elavorate and pertinently humorous descriptions suggest that Mongoose has settled and is back to his old self again. I do wonder why you didn't join the boys in their escapades!?
    ps We are truly thrilled to discover that the French have a sense of humour! You guys should fit in well!