Thursday, January 7, 2010

The morning walk.

Digby cautiously ventured out with me on his morning walk while his elder brother went off on a hike with 'the font'. The little ones sore paw meant that such progress as was made was extremely leisurely and interspersed with long contemplatative stops to observe nature and sit on the grass. We paused by the village pond for ten minutes looking at the resident heron and the ever active scarlet breasted woodpeckers. Anyone observing our gentle stroll must have thought we were two eighty year olds out for our daily constitutional.

Wilf's ear allergy was troubling him last night. I was up from three thirty until four calming him down and trying to stop the manic scratching through a combination of cuddles and soothing talk. The violence of the scratching makes rest impossible - thankfully, he eventually fell fast asleep in my arms and then slumbered uninterruptedly for three hours. Looking back at the old 'Life in Italy' blog I see that we had exactly the same problem last year and found that the application of an American ear cleaning product, 'Zymox' , was the only thing that worked to soothe the irritation. Digby doesn't have the ear problem so I don't know whether this wild scratching is breed specific or stress or allergy related. Last year I'd asked the kennel where we got them for some advice but didn't get a reply. The vets tests are inconclusive. His diet, post-Pancreatitis is pretty well controlled but it could be that he has developed a reaction to something in his low-protein kibbles - certainly, his once every ten day stomach upsets have started to occur more frequently in the last couple of months. A large Zymox order has been placed this morning with the manufacturer in the US together with a request to send it to Europe by courier asap. Wilf's the perfect companion but sadly,the combination of pancreatitis, poisoning by the Italian hunters, and then the run in with the killer caterpillars, all in the space of 18 months seems to have taken its toll on him.


  1. I was going to volunteer to send you some Zymox, but I see you have it under control. It does seem to help when they get infected or yeasty ears. I also use Oti-clens regularly to just "get the gunk out".

    I hope both of the boyz start feeling better soon. It's a helpless feeling when your beloved companion is not feeling well and the only way they can let you know is to act is such a way that something must be done. But I know too well the scenario.


  2. Awww, poor Wilf! I hope he gets some relief soon. The poor little guy sounds like he's had a tough go of it.

    I love that last picture with the hair sticking up, too! He's just too cute! Was that his reaction to Madame Bay's new look?

  3. I gets awful ear itchies too. Vettie lady tells HER it's maybe allergies to my kibbie or something out side. It causes yeast infections. To keep it from getting outta control and me needing AUNTY-BUY-OUGHT-ICKS, the nice vettie lady has HER clean my ears once a week with OtiRinse followed by a drop of Mometamax in each ear. If I get really itchy, you know, the keep HER up all night cuz I'm digging at my ear itchy, she usually puts a drop of the Mometamax stuff in my ear every night until I don't have any more reddish brown gookie stuff in the bottom of my ear. It's usually only 1 ear. I hates it. Not enuff to bitey HER....I only bitey the annoying Puffy. That OtiRinse stuff is COLD when SHE squeezes a cotton ball full in my ear....makes me shake my head and stuff goes flying. flapflapflapflap.
    sniffies to the boyz...they seem to be going through a very ruff patch.

  4. i hope Wilf is feeling better soon!

  5. Would it be easier for me to find Zymox and send it to you than to have it come from the manufacturer and get hung up in Customs? I'd be happy to look for it for you here in South Carolina (there are lots of itchy dogs down here with the pine straw) and I'm sure I could find it in New York when I get back there in mid-March. Happy to help!

    Your pals,

    Petey and his Mom

  6. RCSJ - Thank you so much. The boyz are both going through a high intensity care stage. Hopefully they'll be fine soon and everyones sleep patterns will return to normal.

    Houndstooth - You should see what I look like after the shock!

    SoM - We'll look up Mometamax to see if it's sold in Europe. Oddly there is no real yeast in the ear,it smells clean and the hairs are frequently cleaned out. I guess , as you say, it must be a kibble allergy.

    kks - Thank you

    Petey - That's really kind of you. If it isn't through customs in the next two weeks I might take you up on the kind offer.

  7. I'm so sorry. Our previous dog had so many pure-bred health problems, I can certainly understand your concern and frustration. Edward, who had spent a good portion of his first year on earth on the streets, had some tummy issues when he first came to live with us. These were erased by a hypo-allergenic diet. I've simply kept both dogs on this diet which, although expensive beyond belief, seems to keep them both in fine form. They get occasional boiled eggs and chicken as well, which makes them smile.

    I would be happy to send you anything you cannot find in France. Just let me know.

  8. PT&E - Maybe we'll try moving from low protein to hypoallergenic. Having said that the change in diet after 4 years might cause even more problems. Thank you so much for your kind offer. We find isn't it amazing that blogging can introduce us to such kind and warm hearted people?

  9. Hope Wilf's ear is better...just wanted to stop by and wish you all Happy New Year...lots going on and really have a full plate...but read a quote I like on someone's blog..."When your plate is full, reach for another". Here's hoping I can finally get organized in 2010.