Friday, January 8, 2010

A changing world.

Everyone slept well last night . Neither Digby's sore paw nor Wilf's manic ear scratching disturbed the boyz sleep. Digby as usual managed to snore away like a small steam engine his snorts and snuffles reassuringly echoing through the old house.

We've so far been spared the snow that's sweeping the rest of the country but overnight the temperatures have fallen and become almost Grampian in intensity. All the locals are wearing bobble hats or those strange Peruvian affairs that I'm told are 'beanies'. If you think England panics over the snow then you should come to live in France - the news bulletins make it sound as though the end of the world is nigh. The obvious difference is that the French authorities have stockpiled enough grit to keep the roads open.

Interesting conversation last night highlighting just how quickly the world is changing. Ninety years ago 35% of the worlds population lived in North America or Europe. Today,that number has fallen to 17% and is likely to be just 12% by 2040. In terms of wealth, North America and Europe today produce 47% of global GDP a number forecast to fall to 28% within thirty years. The percentage of world output coming from the US,Canada and Europe will then be lower than it was in 1820 with 80% of production outside North America and Europe. No wonder schools are teaching Mandarin.


  1. Change is inevitable. But I hope I don't have to learn Mandarin. Speaking any foreign language with a Southern accent is laughable!

    Glad the boyz had a restful night and hope you and the "font" didn't stay awake to make sure they were OK.

  2. I'm glad to hear that the boyz (and you) had a more restful night!

    Those are some interesting statistics. At a recent teacher's conference I attended, we were talking about how 90% of the jobs that will be available to the kids that I'm teaching now (PreK) have not even been invented yet. We are educating kids for jobs we can't even concieve of! The rate of growth in technology is making things obsolete shortly after they're invented at this point. It's a bit mind boggling!

  3. Help! Please can I come and live in France? An old dog does NOT appreciate having to go for a morning walk when the temperature is -13C! I can speak a few words of French (and German, and Doric of course). Oh, and should I also be learning Mandarin?
    Cheers, H.

  4. It's funny about the reactions to snow. Where I live, getting a meter of snow happens a couple of times a year so no one freaks out. Just 30 minutes away and 3000' lower, the world goes insane, buying groceries like they're going to be stuck for weeks.

    The population statistics are really interesting.

  5. How nice of you to stop by to commiserate on the cold. Yes, when you live in Sunny Florida or the south of France, you don't expect chillblains, do you?

    We remember reading your blog a while back, just as you were moving, and are sorry we've missed your adventures ever since. As Boyz to Boyz, we'll add you to our bloglist so we don't miss your adventures. Hope that paw is healing!!

    Stay warm!!!

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry