Friday, January 22, 2010


It hardly seems possible but it's 3 months to the day since we arrived in France from Italy. We had initially been worried that the two boyz would have difficulty in adjusting to their new environment but they've taken to France Profonde like ducks to water. It only goes to show that as far as a Polish Lowland is concerned home is where the tickles (and kibbles) are.

'The font' is back in London looking after 'Granny font' so the boyz stayed up late with me playing rugby and rug surfing in the hall. Wilf manages to barge his way in on 90% of the throws but deigns to allow his little brother some of the easier catches. Eventually the two of them decided that enough was enough and they settled down together, Digby's chin resting on Wilfs back,and fell into a deep,tired,happy sleep.They were both in exactly the same spot in the hallway when I got up this morning.

The other worldly experience with re-registering the Volkswagen continues. After much huffing and puffing the head office switchboard in Wolfsburg put me through to someone in the customer services department. It was soon evident that the young man found our problem to be irksome and would have prefered to be doing other things with his time- like for example watching paint dry . It was maybe three minutes into the conversation before I found myself asking him what part of the term 'customer service' he didn't understand. The conversation went rapidly downhill thereafter. Today, is however another day and the quest for a registration document, in French, continues.


  1. Could you translate it yourself, get the translation stamped by a French lawyer/bureaucrat and attach it to the English/Italian VW original?

  2. Hey there M'goose
    Listen...besides all the grumbling - is that an orange and yellow ex-mouse which I notice in Wilf's(?) front paws? Strange rats you have in France!
    Did you consider that perhaps that poor guy at VW was having his afternoon nap...and you dared to disturb? Eish, I'd forgotten the siesta culture!
    Lastly...I really hope that Granny "Font" is in good health! Mrs "Font" needs to return home quickly to appease ALL the boyz!

  3. WW - If only.

    Max - How can I put this delicately ? From all the gurglings and rumblings we can only assume that the mouse is working its way slowly and leisurely through to another end of Wilf.

  4. Oh, I guess you're not inviting him to help you stay warm with a three dog night while 'the font' is gone, then! I hope the mouse isn't lost in there!

    Perhaps you'll get the car registered in time to transfer it the next time you move!

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  6. Hope Granny Font is feeling better with TLC from "the font."

    Happy to see that tennis ball destruction is a canine trait that extends beyond borders and breeds. Petey peels tennis ball fuzz like bananas and then happily squishes the compromised tennis ball in smiling glee. Bliss is a Wilson...

  7. i love when mine sleep all intertwined. never know what leg belongs to what dog!! good luck with the paint man...hee hee

  8. Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by our blog!
    We appreciated your words on Haiti. We have a family member there with the 82nd Airborne Division, helping feed people, get them medical help, and rebuild their lives.
    Tail wags,