Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Much to Wilf and Digby's delight the peach yoghurts are back on the supermarket shelves. You can get every other flavour, strawberry, prune, apricot etc all through the year but for some reason the peach production line at the factory seems to shut down in mid-October and only open up again towards the end of January. The same vaguery of supply held true in Italy . The two boyz simply adore the peach flavoured option and consider it to be head and shoulders above all other flavours . Each of them employs a different style to get to those tricky bits at the bottom of the carton. Wilf brings his full powers of concentration to bear, focuses on the pot and then starts licking energetically away .Within a minute the pot looks as though it's been through an industrial steam cleaning process. Digby by contrast gently props his chin on the pot and then tenderly caresses the contents with his tongue savouring each slurp. He can drag out the process for six or seven minutes all the while making gentle moans of delight. This delayed gratification approach annoys his big brother no end.

Electricite de France are working on the power cables today so must go before the supply is cut off.


  1. too cute...my dogs love yogurt too...love the two different techniques of getting every last drop!

  2. So sweet - my pack loves yogurt too. But I had never heard of prune yogurt. While I like stewed prunes, I don't think I want them in my yogurt!

  3. Oh, we're very familiar with yogurt extraction techniques here! The greyhounds have raised it to an art form. It bothers Blueberry to no end that Bunny can get her tongue all the way to the bottom of the cup and get the parts that she left behind.

  4. Add Petey to the yogurt fans - he likes to carefully hold the near empty pot delicately between his teeth and carry it to another room where he can devour it in privacy. Does the same thing with his container of Frosty Paws (dog-friendly ice cream). Afraid I might want to share?

  5. It is truly an amazing feat that they can manage to get them so completely clean, isn't it? Edward is the slow eater who savours every bite. Apple is the eat-it-before-it-goes-away eater, who is frustrated beyond belief at Edward.

  6. kks - great fun to watch. Dogs are a constant source of hilarity!

    RCS&J - 'the font' loves prune flavoured yoghurts - very French and an acquired taste.

    Houndstooth - sibling rivalry - nothing like it!

    Petey - Frosty Paws! If Wilf heard about that there would be no end of trouble.

    PT&E - Do all PON families share the same sense of deja-vu?

  7. We love yogurt too! We get it every single day on our meals. We normally just get vanilla though - no fruit flavors.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. That's quite funny - do they like fresh peaches too?

  9. Maggie and M - No flavours! Time to complain

    WW - Yes and cherrys but not apples or bananas. They love grapes but aren't allowed them ever since someone told us they're poisonous to our canine coterie.