Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wilf has an infection.

Wilf has somehow managed to get a skin infection on the spot where his tail would be . Yesterday lunchtime he suddenly became quite agitated and started to charge around aimlessly at high speed - probably as a way of dealing with the irritation. Faced with his uncharacteristic hyper-activity and grumpiness 'the font' immediately drove him into the vet in the local market town for a diagnosis and treatment. Going to a new vet is like going to a new school for the first time - quite simply nerve wracking. Will they be kind, do they know their stuff, will the boyz like them? It's even more of a right of passage in a foreign country - will we be able to explain exactly what the symptoms are? Thankfully, the vet was charm itself and after a few minutes probing discovered that the folds of skin where the tail should be have become infected - extremely uncomfortable but no more serious than that. A quick anti-inflammatory injection and a spray on treatment that has to be re-applied this afternoon and Wilf and 'the font' were out of the surgery. Wilf has also been ordered to lose weight - he has put on a kilo over the three weeks of Christmas and is now on a regimen of long,long walks. Digby is in fine form.

The long awaited beds are supposed to arrive from the UK today - just as the house empties out. Neither the landline nor the mobile number of the shop owner are being answered so we have no idea if they are on their way or are still sitting in storage . By tomorrow morning we shall either be bed rich or remain bed poor. Finally, just a quick word of seasonal thanks to the individual who set the ring tone on my mobile phone to 'Let me be the one' by Kerima.


  1. poor wilf....probably got the infection from the excess weight he is carrying...:) guess it is just that time of year.....

  2. I do hope Wilf is more comfortable now - it's always horrible to see them when something is obviously out of kilter and then can't tell you what it is. Am glad you liked the new Vet - like you I have a hard time switching Vets, along with doctors and dentist.

    Happy New Year. I look forward to more escapades of the boyz and your life in France.


  3. We're thinking of Wilf. It sounds like he felt really rotten for a while. I'm glad that you feel comfortable your vet - that makes such a big difference to me. After a decade, I feel like our vet is part of our family.

  4. Hello there!

    We've just discovered your wonderful blog, by way of our good friend Max in South Africa, and are delighted with every post! We especially liked the report on Christmas Quizza. With roots in Scotland (the Highlands, near Elgin and Aviemore), and an ongoing love of all things French, we are certain to move your blog to the top of our must-read list. I am an almost 7-year old Cairn terrier, now dividing my time between the West Village of New York City and an idyllic island off the coast of South Carolina called Hilton Head. (Right now we're at the beach.) Guarding the NYC apartment is my cat-bro Mica, an almost 20-year old Abysinnian who is enjoying his time with a housesitter. I hope you'll visit my blog, though for the next two months, it will mostly be almost identical photos of me on the beach. And as I am the same color as the sand, sometimes it becomes a game of "Where's Waldo/Petey?"

    So looking forward to getting to know Wilf and Digby and "the fonts." Happy New Year/Dogmaney!

    Your pal,


  5. kks - a house full of mongeese have exercised him but also fed him !

    RCS&J - Wilfy is just fine whioch is more than can be said for me after applying the spray (or at least trying to).

    KB - being sure of professional advice is a key to happiness!

    Petey - West Village and Hilton Head! Wilf views himself as a kind of West Village dog while Digby is more Charleston!

  6. Wilf, you sure can scare a person to death here. geez boy where has your little nubb been? SUPER glad all is well. and hopefully it will be bed rich for you soon! Hugs to all

  7. Hey there Mongoose!
    We are so sorry to hear about Wilf's ailment...mmmm...Toffee experienced a similar demise some time ago, you might recall (diff diagnosis however!)
    We send our best 'get well' wishes to the poochy too.
    As for overcoming fear - check out my own post today...quite a turning point for me!Whew!
    Take care.
    C in SA

  8. Shane R - I fear Wilf had a run in with a local cat and came of worse. He just cannot get it in his head that anyone or anything wouldn't be pleased to see him!

  9. Awww, poor Wilf! We feel for him!

    I imagine you getting a giant shipment of beds as the last guest departs!

  10. That's not good. If y'all ever need to find English speaking doctors, well or anything, the American Embassy has a list of English speaking doctors and such. I am so envious of y'all. I lived in France for two years, and I so wanted to stay. I very much want to return to France with my dogs(I fear it shall just be the princess, as Mack isn't looking well). I lived in Lyon.
    Sally Ann sends healing licks and play bows to Wilf.
    Sally Ann's Mommy

  11. Hope Wilf is doing better.

    Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder