Thursday, September 23, 2010

40% of women prefer Frenchmen.

While Wilf enjoyed an after lunch doze we set off to visit the new supermarket that has just opened in what passes for our county town. 'The font' was navigating so what should have taken half an hour turned into an hour and a quarter odyssey of wrong turnings and inexplicable diversions. Why is it that when a new supermarket opens the parking area is never ready? Just how difficult can it be to level and tarmac a plot of land? We finally found a place for the car on the far side of the universe and navigated a trolley with a woggly wheel across an obstacle course of concrete mixers, electrical cables and partially laid pavements.

Leaving 'the font' to check out the fish counter yours truly trailed happily up and down the wine aisles. September is 'Foire aux vins ' season and the supermarkets clear out their old stock with huge discounts. What combination of factors could make a Scottish male happier?

Sitting this morning at the cafe in the square two articles in Le Figaro caught my eye. The first heralded the findings of a survey showing that France is the best place to live in Europe. It has the earliest retirement age, spends the most on healthcare and has the longest life expectancy in Europe. Its workers benefit from 36 days holiday a year and it comes just behind Spain and Italy for hours of sunshine. The UK and Ireland according to this survey are the most miserable places to live - a fact the newspaper was only too happy to give star billing to.

The second altogether more serious survey purported to show that 40% of women worldwide consider Frenchmen to be the most intelligent and proficient lovers. 40% of all women - worldwide! I couldn't help but think that for a country of 60 million people those Frenchmen certainly know how to get around. Hearing my snort of derision Wilf stuck his head out from under the tablecloth with a look that said ' Four out of five people are more in need of rest than exercise".


  1. we've been remiss in catching up with all your tails dear wilf... but we will, your posts are the ones to linger with, and that we enjoy! but 'own' time at the table with the computer is scarce... maybe that is why my momma should buy an ipad, she would call it her iblog as i dont think she could ever give up those paper chewy books that she likes to read in bed... love and licks

  2. Clearly those women haven't seen the survey I once read about the French using less soap than anyone else in Europe...
    Not envious really!
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. wow how did you ever leave the wine aisles??..

    Is that large piece of rock in the road a roundabout or sculpture?.....or just a large piece of rock in the road?..x

  4. Interesting survey--I had no idea that 40 percent of Frenchmen look like George Clooney or Tom Selleck.

  5. I always think that when a new building goes up, the parking lot should be the first consideration.

    Would love shopping for 1/2 price wine - I don't think that ever happens here in the US.

  6. Hey Mongoose...
    I must admit, the statistic in the title caught my attention. I personally have had enough of supermarkets 'in progress', I REALLY can empathise with your plight.
    As for statistics, did you know that if there is a 90% 'chance' of rain, it means that 9 out of 10 weather folk 'think so'! Just saying!
    Enjoy your weekend of beverages :)
    Sending lotsaluv

  7. I agree, those Frenchmen *must* really get around - you did the math!

    Thanks for your good wishes over at my blog. Today's the day.

  8. I thought Norway and Sweden were the best places to live and retire. Hmm!

    They left out the part that sixty percent of women think Frenchmen have egos too big to fit through normal doors!

    At least new grocery store openings are the same worldwide! Who knew that would be the great uniter?

  9. frenchmen don't use soap????? Eeeew! I hope french doggiemen do!!!!

    Hugs & smoochies XOXO

  10. Oh my; I'm not sure how google came up with your blog, but your dogs look JUST like my dog (if you multiplied them by two or three and colored them black and yellow). But the facial and furry similarities are shocking! I've never heard of a polish lowland sheepdog before! Mine is a golden retriever/husky/poodle/labrador mix. I couldn't help but comment. Your dogs are adorable!!!!

  11. Hi Wilf! You've got the right idea - and more than 40% of women would definitely shop at a store with 1/2 price "older" wines!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie's and Avalon's Mom

  12. you totally had me with that title! Who ran the study? lemme guess. a frenchman politician or realator?

  13. Well with their capacity to strike so much I guess they have to be good at other things! Someone here was trying to fly to Paris today on business - no fun when you're stuck in the airport with no flights to France!

    Enjoy all the vino - at least the supermarkets stayed open!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  14. i like what wilf has to say, and i'll drink a 1/2 price glass of wine to that! :)

  15. Why is there a big boulder in the middle of the road?

    I didn't go to a new supermarket today but I did go to the local college. Without a parking pass, I had to park half a world away.

  16. Let's see.... Depardieu vs. Connery?
    Connery, all the way.