Monday, September 20, 2010

Polish climate and sheepdog reunited.

Wearing sweaters on the morning walk. A bracing twelve degrees today. Sure sign that autumn is here and winter in all its glory can't be far behind. To say that Wilf loves this cooler weather would be an understatement of epic proportions. Wrapped up in his double layer fur coat he is out of the front gate and off down the lane like a whippet. Nose down, trampling through the fallen leaves that carpet the verges, he is quite simply in his element. Far too engrossed in exploration to notice, let alone acknowledge, the horses and cows that wander over to see him scurry by. Sheepdog reunited with the climate of the Polish Lowlands. Perfect harmony. Porridge for breakfast so he's now asleep in the kitchen. Let me rephrase that. You'd think he's asleep but he's got that ' Please remember the important contribution I make to the well being of the family' look on his face and his nose is pointing towards the cookie jar.

The arrival of the colder morning weather is a reminder that the house needs some urgent tender loving care before the Pyrennean mountain winds start in late October . To put it mildly, 'the font' does not retain fond memories of the wrap around draughts and perma-chill that were our lot when we first moved in. Curtain material has been ordered from London, the stove fitters are due to arrive on Wednesday, and the builders have promised to come this afternoon to strengthen the floor in readiness for the stoves installation . Even the specialist joiner has promised to show up and insulate the roof beams . It would be somewhat churlish to observe that he has been promising , faithfully, to do this for each of the last seven months. I'd be equally happy if we saw the men to renew the gutters or replace the roof tiles that were destroyed when the oak branch fell on the barn.


  1. Oh Wilf, please do tell me that your important contribution was acknowledged this morning with a present from the cookie jar. Several presents, in fact, would surely be due..
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (who is less certain about the joys of chilly mornings).

  2. 12 degrees already... i hope your place will be ready before winter dawns.. or at least part ready :)

    It sure is a big contribution from a furry someone. He works very hard each day to make you laugh and draw you into his world of simplicity.

  3. We're still lingering in the bright blue skies and temperate climes of Indian Summer, although we had a rollicking storm on Thursday that touched down as a very damaging tornadoes in the boroughs. (Petey was ensconced in my lap after the first thunderclaps.) We head to South Carolina a week from Wednesday, where the ocean temp is still 82-degrees, just a degree or two warmer than the air. Then a weeklong holiday on the west coast of Mexico.

    Endless Summer...

  4. We're enjoying the autumnal weather here a lot, too. It doesn't sound quite as brisk but the mornings are cool and even the warmest part of the day doesn't make you think you've wandered into the fires of Hell as most of the summer did. Much better for Pei, too. We are not fond of the real hot weather.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. *snicker* Well, at least you have beds for everyone to sleep on this year! I hope things get moving quickly.

    I also hope Wilf got that cookie!

  6. ahh your plight with the local workmen reminds me of the same problms my brother and sister -in- law had on their place a bit north of you i the end they have done nearly all the work themselves!!!...get the ladder out!!

  7. The air across the Blue Ridge is cooler this morning too and it has a certain "bite" to it that says "Fall is here". I love this time of year and so do my Scotties.

  8. Your description of Wilf's delight in his morning walk is so vivid. My dogs are similar - they love crisp mornings, and their energy surges.

    It seems to me that some of those house things have been on your list for a whole year! I guess that's part of the slower-paced and more relaxed lifestyle in southern France.

    Please give Wilf that cookie! His contributions are immeasurable!

  9. Please, please post pics of the "old" farmhouse. Would love to see what all you and the "font" have done to it.

  10. I took my dogs for a walk this morning and thought it seemed a bit chilly at first. But once we got walking, it got hot again.

    I hope Wilf got his cookie. He really does make a big contribution!

  11. Forget winter, Cookies are the best!