Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The adept woman competition.

Off to the six thirty competition at the agricultural show. By the time we found a parking space the list of wannabees for the 'adept woman' competition had been whittled down to just seven. At one end of the hall they were judging the best packed 'industrial' garlic in sepulchral , professional silence . At the other end a packed house was listening to a compere quizing the finalists on their proficiency in well, everything. Check in political correctness at the front door. In this part of the world it seems a woman is defined by her recipe for confit de canard, her special cassoulet or her skill at repairing an iron. Much dispapproving murmuring from the audience if a recipe wasn't correct or was too avant garde . ' Diced onions! I've never heard the like'.

Highlight of the evening was when the compere asked the competitors what made their husbands really, really happy. The first lady suggested an apricot pie, the second a clafoutis. Quick as flash the third farmers wife announced ' I take him straight to bed!'. The laughter from the ladies in the audience was as nothing compared to the cheer that emanated from the masculine enclave of the beer tent . The howl of delight that left the lips of the ladys husband, the by now extremely well lubricated farmers, assorted tractor salesmen and the firemans display team could be heard in Paris . Let it never be said that France isn't different ! The bawdiness of Beaumarchais is alive and well. She won.

Wilfs suffering from his regular as clockwork, once every ten day, sore tummy. No matter what we do it recurs. Strict low protein kibble diet, once a week starving, plain rice and fish, or occasional 'naughty' treats , he still gets it. I'm up at five this morning , unable to sleep listening to the strange noises emanating from his stomach. Has anyone else experienced anything like it? It lasts for half a day and clearly causes him great discomfort. As quick as it comes, it goes.


  1. There seems to be a lot of garlic in your part of the world to create so many garlicky events :)

    Poor Wilf... mebbe its the sausages... salty ones.. oh my.. please don't tell Wilf i said that.

  2. Very intersting story!! I would do just fine out there - being an upfront and confident woaman and all.... but the garlicky breathe.... hmmmm...

    Sorry about the tummy issues. I have no advice on that one but sure hope it resolves itself pretty soon!

    Hugs & smoochies! XOXO

    peees I am your newest follower!

  3. The 'adept woman' result: plus ├ža change.....

  4. "I take him straight to bed!" LOL, I can see why she won!

    Poor Wilf!

  5. adept women competition...what a riot!
    poor Wilf, on occasion i have had this happen to one of my dogs...the sound is disturbing...i give them yogurt..don't know if it helps or not...

  6. I see why she won! What a great answer!

    We used to have occasional stomach upset here with Hawk, but nothing we ever tried did anything to stop it from recurring. Once we were told to give him baby food, I think it was the chicken. It did help him settle his stomach, but it didn't stop it from happening.

  7. The adept woman competition sounds hysterical, especially the winning woman's line! I take it that she wasn't wearing a burqa?

    We have a dog in our house with pancreatitis problems but she doesn't get a cyclic upset tummy. It sounds like you do all the things that we've been advised to do in terms of diet. Our vet harps on avoiding fat as being the biggest factor... K's diet has some ridiculously low amount of fat like 5%. I hope that Wilf bounces back fast. Poor guy.

  8. Nothing like that roiling sound of a dog's tummy in the midle of the night!

    We echo that boiled chicken and rice often help -- as does yogurt. We know Wilf loves saucisson and Jaffa cakes, but fat is often the culprit in tummy upsets -- at least in our terriers.

    As for the adept woman -- I know it's not PC(politically correct), but I'm kind of glad it wasn't the apricot pie -- or a proficiency in iron repairing -- that scored (no pun) points!!!


  9. Oh, to be considered an "adept woman". A wonderful moniker to be sure.

    As to tummy troubles, Edward did have a few when we adopted him. Too many weeks fending for himself on the streets, I suspect. We changed his diet and gave him, at the vet's insistence, a probiotic called Culterelle. Two a day at his dinnertime. Also, a couple of fish oil capsules daily. It worked miracles and he now can eat anything he wants. Although, I hasten to add that I do control what he eats, so it's hypoallergenic kibble with chicken and scrambled egg. Green beans, carrots, cheese, those are his treats. He is off the Culterelle now, but I do still give him the fish oil because it makes his coat so lovely. I used to get the Culturelle at But you might have other sources.

  10. As I perused the blog entries on my list this morning (well, now afternoon), I saw your "adept women" entry and had to check it out first. Garlic, to me, is the essence of perfect seasoning. Oh, how I miss it. Poor Wilfee - any Pepto Bismol?
    On the Silverwalk home-front, new electric lines are being placed hopefully to avoid the frequent iced over loss of power during the winter. The workers are not amused by the Coonhound bays. HA.

  11. You're quite welcome.
    Here's the link:

  12. Well, I wouldn't know anything about the adept woman stuff, but I do know that my stomach makes so much noise sometimes that it keeps Her awake at night. And She worries. But, it usually goes away within a day or so. Until it does, I eat a little warm rice with a little bit of chicken broth mixed in. No meat. And our vet also says a bit of Pepto Bismol is fine, too. Hope Vilfie feels better soon. Roo Roo, Stuart

  13. The interesting/strange thing is the 10 day cycle. I've had dogs that got upset stomachs, but nothing that is re-occurring regularly. Can you get Hill's Science Diet for Sensitive Stomach dog food there?

  14. Hi Angus,

    This is a very random thought about Wilf’s tummy troubles. Do Wilf’s toys get a regular clean? With children’s toys germs can be carried and passed on so I wondered if perhaps Wilf’s toys carry a low dose of campylobacter (which can take up to 10 days for symptoms) or some other nasty gastro bug, and once Wilf has had one of his tummy episodes his now “sensitive” stomach is reinfected from low levels of germs on his toys, builds up whatever it is in his body until the germs reach a level that he has one of his bad days, and the cycle repeats.

    Riley had stomach issues until we changed his food (and you’ve tried with Wilf), but his toys get dirty with a mix of his saliva and dust combined with heat, and if left long enough start to smell (a bit like if we kept using and sneezing into the same hankie for ages), so I regularly put his soft toys and bedding through a hot wash and dry them in the sunshine, plus give his hard toys an clean with diluted bleach. Most dogs have a strong stomach and there is no scientific evidence for this suggestion to you - it's just an obscure thought as some children get sick this way. However the thought of Madame Bay cleaning Wilf’s toys is perhaps far scarier than any germs on them!