Sunday, September 19, 2010

A walk with happy cows.

Perfect French weather for Wilfs morning walk. Not a cloud in the sky and a refreshing 18 degrees. Wilf bounced rather than walked down the road completely lost in a reverie of exploration. Today, we took the farm track that runs below the chateau to look at the cows in the fields along the river valley. A dappled place of wonderful, exotic scents and smells. Some of the cows were content to lie ruminating in the early morning sun while others were busy with their demanding young. All of them seemed to be happy with their lot. A few of the heffers lifted their heads as we approached but with Wilf in turbocharge mode we soon swept past them. Farming as it used to be. After an hour the old fellows legs were beginning to get tired and he turned, uncomplainingly, home. He is now deep asleep on the front doorstep, the sun warming his tired bones. You can guarantee that he'll surface from his dreams and wander upstairs the very second he hears 'the font' start preparing lunch. Uncanny.

'The font' has just reminded me that we saw the rickety old farmhouse for the first time exactly a year ago. My, how time flies. Put it another way - how far behind we are, and over budget, in the renovation schedule.


  1. What a beautiful walk to enjoy!

    Time does fly and so does the money when you're renovating anything! But I think you should blame the lack of progress on the workers--Did the tree man and the roofer ever show up again?

  2. We have an old-time cattle ranch almost next door to us. About 80 cattle who wander around huge grassy meadows all summer long. Not a bad life - except that our dogs get a gleam in their eyes when we go past. We buy an entire cow from our neighbors every year to feed the Duo.

    Beautiful description.

  3. I think that's pretty much par for the course in renovations! I've been entertained a great deal while it's been going on, though!

    Wilf, sometimes I'd gladly live your life!

  4. Over budget means it's looking good!

    I'm afraid we'd have to hospitalize Edward if he happened upon an entire field of cattle during his walk. And don't you adore that "bouncy" walk? We call him Mr. Jaunty when he's in full happy walking mode.

  5. I'm always amazed that Jack can hear bread baking from 10 miles away! :)

  6. Oh Wilf, aren't cattle fun? Did you taste any 'country pancakes'? No doubt they are especially fragrant in France. Bon appetit!
    Toodle pip!

  7. Chico does that bouncy walk too, it's really cute!

    Yes, always amazes me that my boys can be fast asleep but the moment I step into the kitchen, I have two little chihuahuas trailing after me. Never fails. I always wonder how they know I'm going to the kitchen rather than say, the bathroom. They just seem to know from the moment I get up from the chair or couch.

  8. wilf sounds like asa when food makes an appearance. she can be in the midst of deep sleep, complete with snoring, and suddenly she is by my feet when a bag crinkles or a can opens.
    i have not known a renovation to be either on time or on budget. ;)

  9. Hey there Mongoose...
    Sorry I've not been visiting for a while, but I've caught up a bit on your mixed life....Wise thoughts, Bar Association, Papal excursions and Cow excursions...a real mixed bag...but really enspiring writing as usual!
    You make me pine for the open fiels of my imagination....oh you are so lucky to live where you are.
    It's "Music to my ears!"
    Sending lotsaluv to you all,