Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bastille Day.

Its the July 14th National Holiday and the pace of life in the village, never hectic at the best of times, has amazingly slowed down yet further. This morning we have woken to catalepsy - France Profonde style. Not a sound to be heard or a person to be seen. Wilf was able to walk for an hour along the lane, down to the horse field, undisturbed by a single car, tractor or combine. While I daydreamed, listening to the song of the redshanks, he explored the verges . These were strewn with cantaloupes where a local farmer, his trailer overloaded with melons, had driven over the speed bump too quickly. After much sniffing, proding with his nose and then tentative licking, Wilf decided he didn't like cantaloupe.

Overnight the war memorial on the village green has been bedecked with flags, a long table has been set up outside the Salle des Fetes, and the mayor has wound up the church clock mechanism with its maddening chime - eleven times on the hour every hour, twice. In the absence of Madame Bay, who is vacationing in Croatia with the septaguenarian gendarmes, we have no idea what to expect as the day unfolds. However, one can be fairly sure alcohol will figure prominently in the days festivities.

Yesterday, Wilf joined me on a trip to the local hardware store to buy an umbrella for the terrace. There, amid a riot of brightly coloured garden furniture, stood one lone 'demonstrator' umbrella. Gallic logic prevented them from selling it. " Someone else might want it " said the manager and " No, it's too late in the year to order any more". We returned empty handed. Wilf gave me his best 'go figure' look and then ran to fetch a ball.


  1. Wilf sounds like he gets to go pretty much everywhere with you. Quite the life!

  2. Happy Bastille Day. I was expecting a parade or re-enactment instead of a quiet grog on.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Le quatorze!!! According to tradition in our house, I serenade my long-suffering husband with a spirited rendition of La Marseillaise before breakfast.

    Our favorite French restaurant has closed -- so I'm not sure how we'll celebrate -- but, yes alcohol will be involved.

    Have a lovely day!!

    xxx Joan

  4. I'm glad to hear that Wilf doesn't like canteloupe. Otherwise, you might have some "problems" on your hands with that much melon by the road!

    The argument for not selling the umbrella defies all logic. I guess that Wilf has it right - shrug and say "go figure"!

    Happy Bastille Day. Have a fun one!

  5. I'll have to ask that They hoist a couple of libations to celebrate your holiday today. Roo Roo, Stuart

  6. Don't you just love quiet holidays! We adore it when they come around here, always staying home whilst others take to the highways. That way, we have the streets to our selves. The peace. The quiet. The best.

    I thought the wonky clock got fixed!

  7. We here in Ohio will raise a glass to Bastille Day! Well, I'll raise my paw...

    Thanks for the beautiful post- a wonderful writer are you...
    Your buddy,

  8. Duh! Somebody did want to buy it! What a maroon! I love all that colorful garden furniture, though! I would love to own some of that.

    I'm with Wilf on the cantaloupe. Give me watermelon any day!

  9. Your striped umbrella looks rather fun

  10. It's so great that you get to go on trips with your peoples! We like that too! Lately most of our trips involve the vet. But sometimes that means Starbucks too! Which means coffee cake! YUMMY!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  11. Send some cantaloupe this way...yum, nice and sweet. Happy Bastille Day, maybe a toast w/french wine.

    Any chance the Tour de France is coming close to you this year? Talk about tires to sniff and