Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wilf the wilful.

Wilf got his name because it was quite clear within twelve hours of getting him home from the breeders that he was extremely wilful. ( Digby got his name because it was all too soon apparent that he was a born and bred digger up of flower beds ). This morning Wilf lived up to the wilful source of his name. We headed out for our morning walk through the sunflower fields, stopping off en route to watch the young foals at play. After twenty minutes we turned around and headed home. Overnight it had rained and the downpour had thrown up a hidden library of scents and smells. Wilf was determined to stop and savour every bush,tree ,flower and road sign. Nothing, but nothing would hurry him up. His mind was set on exploring this sensory cornucopia and he was completely, and I mean completely, lost in a world of canine delight. An hour and a half after setting out we made it back to the front door. Forget all you've ever learnt about dog training and words of command - there is nothing,but nothing on this planet as stubborn as a PON who develops selective deafness. The French word for stubborn is Tetu - guess if we get another PON that would be as good a name as any.

The gardeners have arrived bright and early this morning. The recent rain and heat has spurred on the most amazing growth and the walnut and almond trees are in need of an aggressive trimming back. It got into the 40's yesterday so the team are quite sensibly trying to get as much done before the heat becomes unbearable. Wilf has had his morning yoghurt and is now out with the gardeners , sniffing the tyres, christening the tractor wheels, and generally making himself indispensible.


  1. Completely understand that 'have to sniff everything' kind-of-walk. You just have to wait it out.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Hmm. Selective deafness is not the exclusive preserve of PONs, I can assure you Angus.
    From a former Westie owner....

  3. The quality of selective deafness is also something that we deal with in Goldens as well, but theirs is overshawdowed by our Wheaten who excels at it, but at a higher level--But I think that Wilf is probably the "Grand Master" of this skill and could teach our crew a thing or two and give a few pointers on focus and determination as a bonus! Glad you made it home...eventually! :-)

  4. Selective deafness exist in all creatures - even man!!

  5. selective hearing is common among my hounds too! love how the dogs names came to be!
    hope your weekend is wonderful...
    hug to the hound..

  6. I am here to defend the selective deafness of the wire fox terrier.

    "A new leaf?"
    "What's that palm frond over there?"
    "But wait, I forgot to say good morning to my favorite tree!"
    "And that stop sign, can't miss it!"
    "Did they just mow the grass? Must check out a few blades!"

    With such earnestness, how can we be anything but their adoring companions? As little Tim might say, "God bless them one and all!!"

    We're in deep sauna weather too, Angus -- so I do empathize with every droplet that runs down my nose on those lingering walks!

    xxx Joan

  7. Yep., he's defo have a good old sniff there....bless him! S x

  8. I thought selective deafness was a trait of all males, not just PONs.

    Are you still looking for a puppy?

  9. We humans just cannot understand the joy of sniffing. Can you imagine having the whole world open up to you through your nose?? It would be incredible!

  10. I was wondering about the origins of the names Wilf and Digby (RIP) Thanks for clearing it up. Wilf looks like he is having a great summer!

  11. Huh? Did you say something?

  12. Funny, when I mention the word dinner, no one is ever deaf.

  13. you said it, houndstooth!! though my new rescue rottie-girl is no slouch!
    -cheers all! have a good weekend :-)

  14. I often wish, for just a day, that I could perceive all the scents that dogs can and understand them. Apparently, some huge fraction of the dog brain is devoted to interpreting scents so, even if I had a dog's nose, it wouldn't be enough.

    When faced with fascinating scents, even loyal Labs have selective deafness!

  15. Sounds like Wilf is being kept very busy. I often wonder how Wilf is doing now. Not having his best pal around must be hard for him.
    I hope the weather doesnt knock him around too much. Heat is an awful thing for dogs.

  16. My dad's young beagle is like that too. I call it selective hearing. He only hears you if he wants to. And when he's walking, he doesn't want to hear you. His nose stays on the ground and doesn't lift up until the end of the walk. He has to sniff absolutely everything.

    Thanks for sharing the story about how your PONS got their names. I'd always wondered but never asked.

  17. The Bougalou BearJuly 11, 2010 at 6:52 AM

    You do us proud, Wilf my boy!

    Seems to me you have mastered the finer points of human ownership and training.