Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grooming - canine and human.

Back to London to give an after dinner speech. Did you know that NYC with a population of 8.4m has almost as many hotel rooms as all of India with a population of 1 billion?

London was hot. Definitely not the weather to be kitted out in a suit and tie. Time for a cooling haircut. The concierge at the hotel suggested trying a hairdresser ( when did barbers stop being barbers and become haidressers?) just round the corner. Arrived to find half a dozen 'trendy' types sprawled listlessly around on sofas, supping frappuccinos. Despite the air of inactivity, the young lady at the reception desk with four diamond piercings on her lower lip ( goodness that must have hurt) said they were fully booked and rather unhelpfully suggested coming back in two hours. Returning to the hotel ,apparently thwarted, when I saw a sign - 'Amir's Hair '. Opening the door into a salon with two empty chairs there was Amir himself. He would be delighted to cut my hair and yes he could do it straight away.

Once in the chair a four month old copy of Time magazine was thrust into my hands. " You like magazine ?" Amir said brightly before disappearing only to reappear two minutes later brandishing a pair of electric clippers . " I do clipper ?" he suggested equally brightly. 'Why not ' I replied. About two thirds of the way through an article about alpaca farming in California the full import of the "I do clipper?" came hammering home as I caught sight of a familiar but somehow strangely alien face in the mirror - my own. Amir had either had his training in the Turkish penal system or the Russian gulag. Wherever it was he was certainly efficient. Where four minutes before there had been hair there was now a shaven look that owed its inspiration to Kojak.

'The font' greeted me at the airport with a rather unhelpful " did you ask them to cut it like that ?" Wilf just looked at me as if to say ' Blimey, what happened to you? '.

Tomorrow - why it is not a good idea to give an after dinner speech immediately after you have been to the dentist to have a filling.


  1. Gail says: It's always good to get your money's worth at the hairdresser.
    Bertie says: Just be grateful they don't come at you with one of those stripping knife things....

  2. At least it'll grow back. Was Amir perhaps a former sheep shearer?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. ha! i'm sure the haircut is very handsome...i've said the same thing to my hubby when he's arrived back from the "groomers"..."did you ask them to shave it that way?!" fortunately it will grow back!
    funny stuff!

  4. Oh dear. Well, from our canine perspective, at least he didn't subject you to a stretch of plucking before turning the clippers on.

    What about equal human/canine opportunity? we get to see Wilf post electric fan; but not M.Angoos post electric clippers?

    Such discriminatory practices!

    Jake and Just Harry

  5. *snicker* I'm sure it will grow on you! Wilf probably thought you'd finally gotten a dose of your own medicine.

    A filling, too? Yegads! This sounds like a highly unpleasant trip!

  6. Photo please! (Does Mme Bey approve?)

  7. The Bougalou BearJuly 7, 2010 at 5:06 PM

    I am with Jake of Florida on this one!
    -One Amir buzzcut
    -One night in front of electric fan
    No picture!?! (cue in rising incredulous tone here)
    There has to be a court somewhere in the Hague to deal with such blatant double standart.

    Note to self: Do not go to London. Sounds like a highly dangerous place.

  8. Perhaps the haircut should be named "WIlf's Revenge". For the photographs yesterday. Always remember, "clippers" is a dangerous word to hear when one is at the hairdressers.

  9. The hu-dad would point out that no waiting probably told you a lot. He would point that out, but thanks to genetics, he pretty much always has that cut.

  10. Well, at least you'll be cool now! ;)

  11. Guess you're too old to join the Marine Corps - sounds like you got a good "high and tight".

  12. Oh sometimes I just get it all cut off because I'm tired of messing with it. I don't know how women do it!

  13. Hmmm, my husband asked exactly that same thing the last time that I had my hair cut. Actually, I didn't ask them to make my hair 4" shorter... but they did.

    Alas, my head wasn't shaven. I imagine that was a shock!

    I once gave a lecture within hours of having a wisdom tooth pulled. Afterwards, I discovered that my gum had been bleeding as I spoke. Fortunately, I don't think that it was too obvious to the audience! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  14. Well, at least you won't have to have another haircut for awhile! My neighbor gets his hair cut twice a year. It used to be long and he just got it shaved short. He told me he won't need it cut now for another year.

  15. on the bright side, your new haircut will help you stay cool this summer. ;)

  16. Hey there MOngoose!
    How I would have loved to see that haircut!LOL!...and the 'haircuttOR!'
    Glad your trip went well(to both London and the dentist)