Thursday, December 8, 2011

Less is more .

The Christmas decorations have gone up in the little market town . Swathes and swathes of fairy lights strung the length of the main street , round the market hall , between balconies and across every facade. Even the two old walnut trees outside the church door have succumbed to the manic municipal decorator - each limb painstakingly swaddled in twinkling lights . Studio 54 meets deepest France Profonde . ' Less is more ' not a concept that has hit Tarn-et-Garonne .

Wilf spends most of his day in the kitchen patiently advising ' the font ' on short crust pastry . In between times he dozes . The recent ' unpleasantness ' completely forgotten . Last night he sleeps uninterruptedly from eleven to six thirty. Much needed rest for dog .. and owners . This morning he is primed and ready to head off to join the beer and absinthe crowd and be rewarded with his illicit half croissant by the laughing waitress.


  1. The joy he brings to everyone around him is most priceless... especially to the croissant bearing waitress. Have a great week ahead dear Wilfee.

  2. Wilf, did you check that 'the font's' hands were cold? And that she remembered to 'rest' the dough? And that lard was used?
    Supervising one's humans is such a big responsibility.
    Toodle pip!

  3. It is so lovely to hear that Wilfie is on good form and that you all slept well. The residents in the little town that my crumbly old convent is close to, in The Aveyron, appear to have the view that Christmas is for wimps. Which is a shame as I rather enjoy a well placed twinkly light! I hope you all have a great day and kisses sent to Wilfie Pon. x

  4. such a handsome little guy! he's the village star. who needs brad pitt?
    amazed that you can catch that split second that a wee pink tongue licks his chop!
    those are the strangest looking trees...
    did they cut the tops out? or do they grow that way? they have such huge trunks for so few branches!
    i love your village and you three in france profonde!
    tammy j

  5. That's so good to hear. We had an interrupted night, hoping tonight goes better.

    Is the farmer's star keeping Wilf awake?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  6. Cheerio! Happy days are here again - didn't Wilf get a job offer a doggie Santa Claus??? He would fit perfectly - beside gourmet cook adviser, travel compagnion, philosopher another job he would perfectly well be able to do.
    I think he is dreaming of a white christmas with his family already thinking that the whole family (flock) will reunite... Love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  7. Reading good news about Wilf is a great way to start my day.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  8. I'm glad he had a much better night! I'm also surprised there aren't pictures of all those twinkling lights. No doubt Wilf is a tough critic when it comes to food by now!

  9. A nice respite. Enjoy the rest and the twinkling lights!

  10. Good boy.
    Edward spent his day in the same fashion.
    On the kitchen floor, enjoying the aromas of Christmas baking.
    Love to all.

  11. Less is more is also something a lot of homeowners don't know here either--But it's giving the local power company a good Christmas!

    It's good to read that Wilf has once again rallied and is enjoying his days and nights are uneventful--Like everyone, I hope that continues!!

  12. Good news! Let's hope these "patterns" don't happen frequently. Nothing like a solid night's sleep. Sorry to hear about all the fairy lights, but I bet it looks magickal after sun set. Keep on going Wilf, handsome boy!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  13. Ahh, so good to hear - and a bit of croissant, too :).

  14. We'll need a "Son et Lumiere" presentation to fully appreciate the more is more Tarn et Garonne approach to Noel!

    We're delighted to hear about the full night sleep for four- and two-leggeds.


  15. Hurrah for a good night's sleep! Wilf must feel so much better. Hope the good pattern lasts through Christmas, the New Year and the following 12 months or longer.
    We enjoy Christmas lights, Angus. We love the lights, flowers of the season and lovely fir trees. What we don't like in large, garishly colored inflatable elves anything that blares loud, irritating music, and those boastful, obnoxious Christmas letters people you really don't care for seem to send.

  16. We are also relieved to hear Wilf is back on the upside of his cycles and is enjoying his days, his outings, and his rest.

    Those are indeed odd-shaped trees. Expect they look more festive at night with the fairy lights on.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that Wilf gets his every wish anticipated and fulfilled.

    Jed & Abby

  17. Many people seem to forget the "less is more" notion at Christmas time...

    Has Wilf graduated to drinking beer with his croissant? I'm imagining the illicit bowl being pushed under the table for him. I'm smiling.

  18. Hooray for Wilfee! May it last and last!

    In our small town, I found a woman attaching small fragrant pine trees to light posts, then spraying them with enamel paint in loud, garish colors! Would have been too much for even Madame Bay's sensibilities!

    Jo and Stella