Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wilf demonstrates his Christmas skill .

To every nursery within a fifteen kilometre radius . We're looking for a four or five metre tall tree . Last year they were ten a penny. This year nothing. The largest to be found a spindly specimen less than two metres high. We return home empty handed . I'm frustrated at the lack of progress but Wilf has rather enjoyed himself. His day spent wandering , nose down, deep in canine reverie , past row upon row of Christmas trees . He'll stop occasionally to lift a leg and impart a little festive spirit, PON style , to the proceedings . A satisfied ' aim like that takes real skill ' look etched on his face .

'' The font '' heads off to London while it's still dark to see ' granny font ' . By the time Wilf and yours truly navigate our way back from the airport it's just beginning to get light . We park the car down by the river . Not a soul to be seen . A herd of eight deer emerge from the woodland thirty metres away and look at us quizically. They don't seem particularly alarmed . Wilf stands silently in the middle of the road, four legs rooted to the spot, his good nostril pointed towards them . The excitement of an early morning walk .

Into town for the family fellows illicit half croissant . Outside the greengrocers, in a wooden box, what I take to be a melon. The owner explains that it's not a melon. However, he speaks very quickly and in the strong local 'Oc' accent so I'm no closer to knowing what it is .


  1. on the box it says "quince" albeit in French. It looks, however, like no quince I ever saw.

  2. Wilf, so pleased to hear that your aim is still good. Can you believe that Gail stopped for a conversation in the park with her neighbour Alan the other day, and the sole topic was a comparison of my 'aim' (excellent) and Harry Schnauzer's (rather poor and resulting in a smelly undercarriage...)
    Toodle pip!
    PS Tell that Angus to let you select the tree, pal.

  3. Eight deer? Reindeer perhaps? Did any of them answer to Dasher......or
    Dancer.........or? Just wondering, here in Vancouver, B.C. As to the object
    at the greengrocers - looks just like a Haggis to me! You should know,
    Angus! Warmest Christmas regards from the Westcoast of Canada.

  4. We thought it was a potato. Wilf will be happy you have to look further for the perfect tree and he can do more christening.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. I believe it is a "pasteque", inside should be red and very juicy no ? If I win, may i have a kiss from my beloved Wilfee ?
    I am so happy to read good news from the little boy, and some quiet nights for you, Angus.
    Enjoy this Wednesday !
    Kisses and cuddles to the little polar bear, aka, Mr. Wilfee.

  6. In the news here is that this year there has been a noticeable increase of people getting 'fresh cut trees' online and having them delivered. So much for the tradition of going and picking it out yourself.

  7. Eight deer? What a magical moment! But of course they're unafraid. Sants's team has come to greet Wilf!
    Looks like a mutant potato. Or a squash. The quince must be in the box below.
    The Font will know what it is. Christmas greetings to Granny Font.

  8. Wilfie the blacknosed pon loves to christen the trees... your disappointment not finding a tree is his chance to get to christen more trees while searching for the perfect one...
    Keep on keeping on Wilfie - Baby the new arrival is a quick learner - one chilo of attitude and courage running around... Love Susanne, Daisy - foster dad Foxiie and for the moment Baby

  9. It looks like a melon to me!

    I'm sorry about the frustration on the Christmas tree front! Hopefully you won't end up with one of those Charlie Brown trees.

  10. couldn't leave without checking on my favorite wee polar bear. off to the high desert country for a bit of an early christmas visit. so glad the news on wilfee is good!
    and the tree search goes on..... such suspense!
    will love to see it in the old french farmhouse when the font makes her magic.
    hugs and a special kiss to my beloved wilf,
    tammy j

  11. oh Wilfie.....such a sweet old guy....

  12. We're they eight particularly tiny reindeer? Any of them have an odd, glowing nose?

  13. That "melon" looks like a dinosaur egg! Sorry to hear about the lack of certain trees, perhaps a wander into the woods? The deer could lead the way! Wilf would have a ball in the forest, just imagine all those smells! Keep on going Wilf, lovely boy!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  14. If that isn't a melon then what could it be? ;)
    Hugs for Wilf and thank you for your kind words regarding Max.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  15. Wilf, you're looking especially adorable today...

  16. The Christmas tree search sounds frustrating for everyone but Wilf! He's had the chance to mark so many trees that I'm sure he's very happy!

    Seeing the herd of deer sounded magical.