Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love indeed.

A cold and blustery Sunday afternoon in London . Carols in Westminster Abbey . I get a seat next to David Livingstone or more precisely his tomb . The inscription : " His body carried home across land and sea by loving hands " makes me wonder what state it must have been in by the time it got here from the Limpopo. Love indeed .

Outside parliament two hundred ever so slightly tipsy American pharmaceutical salesmen . All of them dressed up as identical Father Christmases . The Police look on with studied indifference . Having taken photos of Big Ben the salesmen head off in a convoy of double decker buses. The slurred sound of ' Do you hear what I hear ? ' filling the evening air .

An early dinner with serious Manhattanites in dark suits . Thirty minutes trying to interpret the complicated and subtle before the coffee is served . The New Yorkers have brought their wives with them . The lady opposite me a dead ringer for the actress in that 1960's series about a wiggely nosed witch married to an advertising executive .

Wilf has been busy. A t
rip to the Sunday bread market, slivers of lip smackingly tasty trout for lunch followed by a long slow walk down by the river . He sleeps solidly through until he's loaded into the back of the car and is brought to the airport to meet me. Today we shall go to choose the Christmas tree. For Wilf a once a year chance to christen tree trunks at the garden centre .


  1. In your parallel (i.e. non-Wilf) universe of serious city men with dark suits and wives, I often wonder what happened to feminism....
    Cheers! Gail (not Bertie).

  2. Do you choose the tree Wilf christens most or the tree he ignores, and does Wilf follow the same trend when that tree is put indoors?

  3. What a full and busy day! I do wonder what condition the salesmen were in by the time they arrived home.

    I hope the rest of your day is an enjoyable one. I know that having Wilf with you to help choose it will ensure the best is selected!

  4. Happy Christmas tree christening, trout tasting, lip smacking - Wilfie you are doing so well even without Ongoose - good boy - knowing is back soon!
    My nursery with new puppy is bliss and hell - little lakes and astonished foster parents... they have to adapt still. Love from Southern Italy Susannc, Daisy, Foxxie and unnamed baby - Ferdinand, Harry (Prince) Tookie, Tootsie, Bimbo, Dolce (where is Gabbana?), Marcello (Mastroianni), Vittorio (Grigolo)...a.s.o.

  5. Elizabeth Montgomery was her name, her show was one of my favorites to watch as a child. Have fun choosing your tree. :)
    Thank you for thinking of Max today.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and MAx

  6. Hi again, I just read an interesting article and if I remember correct, Wilf's one nostril is not working? In this article it was said that research shows that when dogs smell scents, they use their right nostril for new and threatening scents and left nostril for familiar scents.
    I thought you could find this interesting. All the best!

  7. Sounds like SantaCon has jumped the pond (see www.nycSantaCon.com) -- a citywide pub crawl that's cute at 10:00 am and downright sloppy by 4:00 pm. Hey, I agree with Gail above-- are there never any serious women in dark suits who bring along their husbands?

  8. why do men in dark suits sound so ominous compared to a wee polar bear christening trees?
    since you have to have one in your life ... so glad you have the other!!
    essence of wilf emanating from the tree? surely not the christmas ones!! lol.
    love and hugs to two very important guys. (new term for vips),
    tammy j

  9. Hopefully she didn't wiggle her nose at you like Samantha in Bewitched! That never went well...

    I hope you end up with a beautiful tree!

  10. Ah, it's Wilf's big day - christening so many perfect trees!

  11. I must come to your blog at least four or five times a day Angus...just to look at that adorable header photo...now what were you saying again???

  12. Drink plenty of fluids, Wilf.

    Those look like the Big Red Party Buses we have here in the middle of New South Wales....sounds like they're used in the same way as London.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  13. Ahhh, Bewitched...a favorite of mine as a child, too. Wilfie, keep on christening those trees and tyres. And then enjoy all the twinkling lights.

  14. There's no place like home, is there Angus? Bet Wilf helped you choose a lovely, fragrant tree.

    Jed & Abby in MerryLand

  15. Have a fantastic time at the tree farm Wilf. The boy has asked to go out every hour since I got home. Such wonderful snootfuls on the breeze.

  16. We think maybe the fellows in the red suits are SantaCon members rather than pharmaceutical salesmen ingesting their own product. Folks in full Santa gear do a pub crawl and donate to various charities such as food banks and the like.
    Will we see you on the bus next year? We'll look for the bespoke red suit.