Friday, December 16, 2011

The new lights .

The font returns. Wilf does his silent ' I'm so happy I don't know what to do ' dance . Overcome with joy he then falls sound asleep by the front door until dinner time .

Yesterdays storm has dislodged a roof tile. ' The font ' discovers a small but insistent avalanche of rain water trickling down one of the newly rendered bedroom walls. Angus is despatched into the attic to deal with it. By the time he gets there the rain has stopped .

A parcel arrives from the little French chocolate firm we buy from at Christmas . Inside a handwritten note saying that they'd charged too much for postage . '' Would we mind accepting three bars of dark chocolate in lieu of a refund ? " . Somehow charming to think there are still family firms that worry about such niceties. Most would have kept quiet and happily pocketed the difference .

Still no Christmas tree but the house is slowly becoming 'Swedenised ' in time for the holidays. Three little vases with 'red berry' arrangements suddenly appear on the drawing room mantlepiece. The wreaths can't be far behind .

Workmen arrive to instal four new street lamps . Is there a competition amongst French villages over who has the most lights ? There are eight houses in the village, one church ( disused ) and a village hall . As of today we have fourteen lamp posts .
' The font ' thinks the mayor is spending the money remaining in his budget before the end of the year. On our pre-breakfast walk Wilf carefully christens the base of each of the new additions. Christmas cheer PON style.


  1. Mouth watering refund indeed...

    I do love your ( and the font's) taste - whichever of you is responsible.


  2. Cheers to Wilf - happy about him doing well and being happy - lovely pictures - we are in Christmas decoration madness ... love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  3. Angus, I've so enjoyed getting a glimpse into your preparations of the holidays! I do hope you're able to find the elusive Christmas tree!

  4. SInce I think chocolate is a food group, especially dark chocolate, I would enjoy getting a refund like this one. :) Hugs for Wilf.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  5. The "Swedenization" looks beautiful! I'm sure the right tree is out there waiting for you.

    Wilf sure knows how to spread the Christmas cheer!

  6. I love that dance that you described. I see it in my dogs regularly!!!

    The street lamp thing is puzzling. Why does anyone want more night light pollution? I love the darkness.

  7. i'm in our high desert country and the laptop was brought... so have been able to see your christmas delights each day... am never disappointed in your posts! the old french farm house is looking charming indeed.
    happy egg and nog!
    love, (and a special hug to my beloved bear)
    tammy j

  8. If you do not like dark chocolate I would volunteer to take those delicious bars off your hands!

    Lovely pictures in this post. I am feeling festive, Swedish-style!

  9. Gorgeous pictures! One must make sure all new things are christened appropriately! Wishing someone would send me 3 bars of dark chocolate! Keep on going Wilf, handsome boy!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  10. You are doing wonders with that house - so lovely! and set off just right with Wilf, the wise old PON. Hmm...chocolate - indeed, a food group unto its own.

  11. Glad to hear Wilf's world is stress free again. The happy dance is the best part of homecomings. Beautiful pictures of Wilf.

  12. Beautiful photos! I love the shot of your mantle with the obelisks displayed on either end...they are DIVINE and I confess to a weakness for them. We are praying for Wilf's continued strength and good health through the holiday season and well beyond. I felt a melancholy tug at my heart when I saw the picture of him standing beneath the lamp post which appears to be at a corner. Such beautiful photography! And a very lovely home.