Sunday, December 4, 2011

An unshakeable philosophy .

The little medieval building on the corner of the market square is being converted into flats . For half a millenium it had been a hostel for pilgrims en route to Campostella . Then it became the town butchers . Then the butchers daughters inherited it and left it empty. Angus briefly thought of turning it into a restaurant . Now the municipality has bought it and is ripping out all the original features . The top floor has already lost its eighteenth century shutters . A row of square , uniform , double glazed windows taking their place . Not all renovations are sensitively done .

For the most part the Christmas Fair was a great success . The exception being the 'atelier lettre au pere Noel '. By eleven am the old farmer had already managed to down half a dozen drinks . By lunchtime he was positively ' flying ' . At twelve thirty part of his grotto roof collapsed much to the alarm of various three year olds and their parents . The last sighting of him was at one fifteen staggering in the general direction of home . He failed to return .

Wilf has his head washed under the shower this morning . Three large lesions have appeared overnight . How can melanomas possibly grow so quickly ? He takes this invasion of his privacy with as much good grace as he can muster . We'll keep an eye on his breathing this week . Definitely a bit rougher. The vet told us to watch out for signs that the cancer might be spreading to the other nostril . Through it all the old fellow continues to enjoy himself. That unshakeable PON philosophy " Life is full of challenges . Being happy shouldn't be one of them " .


  1. hey Wilf,

    I love coming to your blog and reading your wisdom. You are always so honest and truthful, and you always have a sense of calmness and beauty surrounding you. Your outlook on life is marvelous! Sorry to read of your most recent lesions. My paws are crossed and prayers are with you that you will be O.K.

    Suka (and K)

  2. Wilfie you are a brave boy, we love though that you are still finding some pleasure in your days.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. Dear Wilf, we are all more than a bit worried about those lesions. But you did enjoy your croissant this morning didn't you?
    Just checking,
    Toodle pip!

  4. Today's post. Laughing out loud at the old farmer's not uncommon response to the stresses of his role and then brought to tears by the news of Wilf's new lesions.
    We are angered and deeply saddened by this development. The old PON philosophy our only comfort. Such a brave and wonderful dog. You remain in our prayers. All of our love.

  5. Wilfie - upper and under carriage full serviced? Well my friend a GP with a sientific mind told my a dog got cured just eating the very fresh broccoli sprouts - broccoletti - which we eat here in Italy so frequently - but it should be row and the very first tender growth - that's why cauliflower is so good too...
    Hoping to find a secret weapon for Wilf - bacetti sul nasino orsachiotto PULITO - love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  6. Holding all of you a bit closer to my heart today.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  7. laughter and then hard tears.
    just not ready to let go.
    i lost my own beloved little pon last year to that dreaded disease. and we lost my sister-in-law to it two months ago.
    so ... your wisdom and calm acceptance of life itself with all its journeys is a real blessing.
    a special hug to wilfee this morning,
    tammy j

  8. Praying for that exceptional canine Wilfie and you.

  9. Aw Wilf. Sending love your way...

  10. What Kari and Maggie Mae said...and, like the last Anonymous, many hard tears. If only the brocoletti
    were indeed a good answer...! Love to you all.

  11. Interesting tale of the old building. Sad about the daughter's letting the building go empty. Oh well, can't keep the past forever I guess.

    Sorry about Wilf's lesions and breathing. Hope all remains calm for him. Speaking of calm, we in NJ are preparing in the calm before the storm of the party which will begin in a few hours.

    Lovely pictures of your area scenery. Thanks for your kind wishes about Corbie. She is an amazingly successful kitten who seriously reached out to us and let us know she needed help. She is well settled into her new home! Lucky kitten!

  12. Kari said it best; you make my day every day, Wilf - you, Angus and the cast of characters in France Profunde. My heart weeps.

  13. This idea of turning the medieval building in a restaurant should have been the most beautiful idea.
    Unfortunately, some french people have this habit to destroy what is ancient and beautiful.

    I really hope lovely Wilfee is better tonight, no pain with his lesions, and no bad news with his nostril.

    He is a such courageous boy. All my thoughts and prayers are for him (and you), everyday.

    Que cette soirée soit douce pour vous trois. Bisous my beloved Wilfee.

  14. My tearful mantra today is: Please, please, please - let dear Wilf see another New Year...

  15. Normally I'd fuss about the changes to the 18th century building shake my head for the old farmer's getting soused and losing atelier roof as well as dignity --- but all my heart heard was that Wilf may be having new difficulties.

    So gentle hugs to him and loving thoughts to you and the font as you you share his wise philosophy.


  16. So true, being happy shouldn't be one of them! I hope he'll be alright for a bit longer. It just seems that he ought to be able to celebrate Christmas with those who love him.

    What a shame about the old building!

  17. My thoughts are with you and Wilf. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  18. I'm so sorry to hear that Wilf has new lesions. I want your days of grace to continue without more challenges. Wilf, you, and the font will find a way.

  19. Blessings on you three.
    Thinking of you.