Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chainsaw sounds .

Mixed signals . Yesterday Wilf didn't want to eat . Most unusual . Yet this morning he manages to walk beside me for nearly a kilometre . Not just ambling along , but forging ahead , leading the way with real boy dog enthusiasm . The fickleness of cancer . Finally he's had enough. He flops down in the cool grass at the side of the lane and within a minute is soundly asleep. Angus walks back to get the car . When I return Wilf is snoring . The sounds of France Profonde. Chattering finches, the rippling brook and a small white polar bear doing a passable impersonation of a chain saw.

Much activity by the pottery kiln. The wheelchair accessible picnic table is now firmly in place. Next to it a large hole has been dug . The purpose of this is yet to be revealed . Another street light ? A barbecue pit ? Time alone will tell . On either side of the kiln itself two small solar powered lights have suddenly appeared . The first stage towards our very own version of the Eiffel Tower illuminations .

A village committee meeting has been called for Saturday afternoon . The residents of the rickety old farmhouse have been invited . Perhaps, despite our northern oddities, we're becoming honorary French ? ' The font ' has made me promise not to tell anyone what I think about the idea of solar panels on the kiln roof.

For lunch today Tourte Saumon-Epinard . Wilf is already in the kitchen instructing ' the font ' .


  1. We're happy to hear that Wilf's back performing his kitchen duties.

    We know about those bad days, followed by good ones.

    Have they been able to use that kiln successfully yet?

    Perhaps they're perfecting the first solar powered kiln....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  2. A kilometer Wilf? My dear old chap, no wonder you had to call for a taxi.

  3. I must admit that why would the kiln need to be illuminated, it's hardly a thing of beauty!
    Go Wilfee! The six week cycle will bring better times we hope.

  4. I think I see a new collar on Wilf?

  5. Each time you tell us Wilf is forging ahead, it cheers me up, that he still has it in him.
    I think the hole might be for a rubbish bin, but I hope not.

  6. Wise lady the glad to hear good news...
    Love from Southern Italy Susanne and the naughty gang

  7. Angus, I read your post yesterday in between patients and didn't have the chance to comment. There are several things that come to mind with this mornings post. But I will only say that as your journey with Wilf seems to have changed its tempo, reading about your walk and his impersonation of a chain saw, tells me that the melody of his life hasn't. :-)

  8. Only in your little village would they illuminate the kiln! I admit that it sounds rather charming, though. They sound like such a quirky group. That picnic table doesn't look particularly handicapped accessible out there in the grass, though...

    Sometimes I wish you had video to share with us, and today is one of those days! I can picture that chain saw snore in my head!

  9. I am happy to hear that Wilf seems to be feeling better, running along ahead of you and supervising the font in the kitchen.

    Solar panels on the kiln roof? That will look odd.

  10. wilfee you're back!!!
    may you ever stroll and snore and help the font.
    you are a simple delight to the soul.
    and can't wait to hear about saturday's town meeting. i wish angus and the font could be honorary official consultants of good taste for the village in france profonde! after seeing the mysterious hole and picnic table... well...
    tammy j

  11. Lunch sounds delicious! To be sure that Wilf is giving important instructions on where lunch should land :). Most important. Glad to hear he's back to himself today. Perhaps the 6 week blip is showing its back....fingers crossed! Keep on going Wilf!

    From your completely frozen Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  12. Happy to hear you're feeling better, sweet Wilf.

  13. Sure hope Wilf's down cycle is about over and he's on the upswing. Glad he's finding comfort in Digby's bed.

    We think Angus and the font have been accepted as honorary French citizens and members of the village community. You enter into village life with such good will - and good wine.

    Jed & Abby

  14. I had to laugh at your comparison of Wilf's snoring to a chainsaw. One of my little chi's snores very loudly. I often wonder how such a small dog can make so much noise. lol