Monday, January 16, 2012

One of those days.

One of Wilfs rough days. The once every six weeks cycle he seems to have developed. Climbing the stairs for dinner his back legs give way. The first time this has happened. A look of surprise on his face . A quick rest and he's shakily on his feet again.

Up in the night at one , three and then at five . The blood problem . No interest in breakfast this morning . Out with him for a walk across the village green at six . A pre-dawn chance to take his mind off whatevers troubling him. There's an old saying : '' Walking with an old friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light " .

As I leave the cafe under the arcades the waitress brings me a half croissant wrapped up in a serviette. '' It's for Wilfee " . Some morning routines are too important to forget. As I walk through the door , Wilf miraculously wakes up , smells the croissant, and follows me into the kitchen . The magical healing power of bakery .


  1. Wilf buddy - we sure hope you have a better night tonight. We just LOVE the last photo of you dude.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Oh dear Wilfy, we are so sorry you had a bad night and wobbly back legs experience. Do make sure the croissants keep coming.
    Love and hugs,
    Bertie (and Gail).
    PS Gail is waiting for a practitioner of quack medicine to pick up on your blog and start claiming "Croissants Cure Cancer".

  3. Nothing like a croissant to help you rally.

    We know what those bad days are like. Hope they continue to be rare.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. So happy about the power of healing - Wilfie stay strong we love you! Lady Font surely will do her magic recipes and Ongoose is certainly the very best buddy in the world.
    Love from all of us - we think of you - hopefully tomorrow there is a new post with good news - bacetti sul nasino per Wilf - Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Powerbear Kiri

  5. I hope that Wilfee feels better soon. A croissant must be the best medicine - and the love of his humans.

  6. Hopefully a croissant and caring thoughts and prayers from friends all over the world will help Wilf get through this day and onto better ones.

    Blessings and Love.
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  7. We all have terrible days, dear Wilf, human and canine alike. Especially now that we are all a bit older. Our prayers are with you, as always. Naps and croissants; fine medicine indeed.

  8. We hope this setback is a brief one! Please give an extra bite of something delicious today.

    And yes, a goblet (or two) of California Chardonnay is definitely in my future! (smiling)

  9. i love you wilf. i love you.
    tammy j

  10. How wonderful of that waitress to remember Wilf in his absence. He truly is a village dog :). Be well, Wilf!

  11. With extra kisses and a big cuddle for our furry friend! Let's hope this 6 week slump passes quick and before you know it, he'll be back on his feet ready to take on the world and all its smells! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  12. Keep on Truckin' Wilf.
    Hope you have a better night tonight.
    Love Ya xx

  13. Keep on Truckin' Wilf
    Be Strong Little One

  14. We all have bad days now and then, Wilfee, but for you, we just want good ones. Croissants may not cure anything, but they do make you feel better, even just while you are eating them.

    Please come visit us at our New blog

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  15. I love that so many people there love Wilf the way we all do here! And I know I feel much better after a good treat from the bakery myself!

  16. woof with lots of love, xoxo Sam & Winnie Dixon

  17. It's the end of my day, and I hope that its been a good day for Wilf, and it will be a peaceful night for you both.

  18. oh Wilfee....such a tough old guy...