Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eiffel Tower or Pottery Kiln ?

Another sunny , country morning . Off with Wilf for our daily tour of inspection. We cross the green, stop to christen the fire hydant, then turn right past the church. There we find the mayor, the very old farmer and Oustric , the head of the ' floral village ' committee .They're standing , talking animatedly, by the reconstructed sixteenth century pottery kiln . '' Bonjour M'Ongoose " they chime in unison . The mayor is wearing his Harris Tweed pork pie hat . Wilf looks up briefly . '' We're waiting for a table " says the mayor cheerfully . Angus decides he must have misheard, so says nothing.

It seems the floral village committee have great plans for our little community. This morning a wheelchair accessible picnic table is being delivered . This will enable any passing tourists to sit and eat while simultaneously enjoying the sight of the kiln . The old farmer adds that there are also plans to install solar panels on the roof of the kiln so that it can be floodlit. " Like the Eiffel Tower ? " I ask . They look at me in silence .

After ten minutes Angus and Wilf bid farewell and zig zag, slowly, homewards. Angus keeps to himself the thought that the roof tiles get blown off the kiln every time they fire it up . What will happen if they install solar panels on the roof , and then fire it up, may be more interesting than anyone imagines.


  1. Wilf looks wonderful. Never a dull moment in your little village.

  2. Solar panels add to the star light of your neighbour, and your village is going to look like a tarmak !
    Angus, did you take news from Kelly's owner ? Is she "well" ?
    Bon Dimanche à vous trois, et bisous to my beloved Wilfee.

  3. Make sure you are there with a camera when they decide to fire it up! That will make for some interesting pictures! Looks like a beautiful morning! We are headed into a week of frigid, decidedly unhuman temperatures this week. If you never hear from me again, it means I have frozen solid. Happy wishes for a splendid Sunday! Keep on going Wilf, special boy!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  4. i have an idea! next time you have to talk with men in dark suits, just hire a private plane... tell them you have landing lights... an eiffel tower kiln and the star of... the star of... well the starlit village of france profonde! the old farmer would be so proud to guide in a plane!
    love to that handsomest of wee polar bears,
    go wilfee go!
    tammy j

  5. I would like solar panels, too, but need a new roof first; hope they don't put the cart before the horse. I second the thought of getting photos when the kiln is fired up with the solar panels on. Wilf's "do" charming, as he always is. I keep my mouth shut way more than open these days.

  6. I always enjoy hearing about the people in your village, and especially their ideas and thoughts--But this one has left me a bit, well, baffled...

    Wilf is looking well, and I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

  7. That blue sky with those bare trees in the first photo is breath taking!

  8. I've found in those instances it's better just to let them do what they want to do. After they fly off, then you can tell yourself you knew that was going to happen!

  9. I wish we could see a picture of the pork pie hat! I know it would be a little awkward, snapping a picture of the hat on his head with your phone, but I think you might be able to pull it off with the "eccentric foreigner" routine. I didn't recall the kiln being something that people would want to sit and look at, but perhaps watching the tiles go flying in the air could be entertaining. There would certainly be something to talk about during your meal!

  10. What a cast of characters you have in your village, love it!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  11. Oh boy! This has you tube written alllllllll over it.