Sunday, July 4, 2010

As mad as a bag of frogs.

Over dinner last night a guest came out with the line : 'as mad as a bag of frogs'. I'd never heard the expression before, nor had 'the font'. I wonder if it was a personal whimsy or a phrase that is more widely used ? Has anyone else ever heard it?

The scarecrows by the bus stop are still there a week after the rained off mid-summer bonfire. Sometime in the last couple of days a local wit has decked them out with strands of fresh garlic - a reminder to any passing tourists that we are in the garlic growing centre of the universe. Long time readers of the blog will remember that Madame Bay is brought up in the local tradition of adding a little food to her garlic. Perhaps that is why she has never had an ailment or a days sickness in her life, that is until the young locum came along. Garlic as aphrodisiac ?

After a long walk through the sunflower fields , a trip to the newsagent and a hair tousling and bowl of water at the cafe , Wilf is now happily settled in the shade of the courtyard. Two nights ago with the temperatures still hovering close to 30 at midnight we brought a fan into the dressing room. He now lies there all night in front of it , basking contentedly, hair disheveled, in the breeze. When I get up in the morning he can be found in exactly the same position he was six hours earlier. He literally doesn't move an inch overnight.

To friends and blog friends in the US a very happy July 4th holiday. I hope it's the sort of day when you can all ' Let music swell the breeze and ring from all the trees'.


  1. I think it's a fairly well known phrase although the variation I've always come across is 'as mad as a box of frogs', rather than a bag of them.

    Kate :-)

  2. Nope never heard of any mad frogs. I've heard mad as a cut snake.....but no frogs.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. I've never heard that saying about the frogs, were your dinner guests the pool man and his side-kick? But I have heard: Mad as a cut snake, Mad as a Hatter, and Mad as a hornet...

    I also have to comment and say "WOW!!!" on the sunflowers!! I cannot imagine seeing a field of something so amazing and incredibly beautiful!!

  4. Yes, I've heard similar (a box of frogs) and have used it from time to time. I bet he does love the fan, must be hard for him with that thick coat. Enjoy your Sunday. S x

  5. Here in New Hampshire I grew up with "Madder than Billy-be-damned" Must be a yankee thing because I have no idea, not even a clue, as to who Billy is and why he's so ticked off. I agree with Kim, the sunflower photo made me swoon. A lovely way to start the day. Thanks for the holiday wishes.
    Yankee Gal

  6. "Dumb as a bag of hair." and it's cousin "Dumb as a bag of rocks." are two of my oft-used favorites. Haven't heard of the bag of mad frogs but will now do my best to make it a phrase in American lingo. I will avoid the hoards of July 4th tourists on a friend's boat, while Petey escapes the fireworks from the calm and quiet of our porch and deck!

  7. I've never heard that expression before! Madder than a wet hen, yes, but nothing to do with frogs ever!

    Lilac has a love affair with "her" fan. Now we must interpret her moods and figure out if she wants it turned to a faster speed, angled differently or the bed position changed in front of the fan! We've created a monster with that fan.

    I like garlic in food a lot, but I'd start to be worried if I were you about the possibility of Madame Bay beginning to sport her own garlic necklace.

    I LOVE that sunflower picture!

  8. Angus,

    Thank you for the July Fourth wishes! So far it's been fairly quiet -- the fireworks have yet to start. When they do, I will be wearing a pair of doggie slippers as Jake and Just Harry nuzzle up for protection against the scary noise.

    I'm thinking that the originator of the "mad as a bag of frogs" concept might just be someone specializing in hand-caught cuisses de grenouille.

    Yesterday morning, NPR newscasters read the entire Declararion of Independence to the audience. A thrilling way to celebrate the holiday.

    xxx Joan

  9. Well, we've decided not to get mad any more, so we haven't heard of mad frogs! :)

    I have a friend whose dog also lies in front of the fan. It must feel wonderful to them!

  10. I'm not a big fan of sunflowers but I love that picture of sunflowers as far as the eye can see.

    I know you aren't in the US and I'm not sure if you're American but Happy Independence Day!

  11. Never heard 'mad as a bag of frogs' but it's certainly a humorous metaphor!

    The sunflower picture is gorgeous!

  12. We have never heard that phrase before, but my mom likes it and may find use for it in the future. :) Beautiful pictures...yet again!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae