Friday, July 9, 2010

The doors arrive.

Progress on the rickety old farmhouse continues at a one step forwards two steps back pace. The joiners who fitted the new kitchen arrived, unexpectedly, yesterday morning with the long promised replacement doors. Five months late, but who's counting ? It seems that they are all off on their annual holidays next week so they wanted their account settled , in full. They seemed bemused by my suggestion that they might actually instal the panes of glass in the doors before they left. This morning 'the font' has come up with the cheerful news that the roof on the outbuilding that houses the swimming pool pump and filter has collapsed - termites have munched through the roof spars.

Wilf is delighted with the rickety old farmhouse. He has never lived anywhere which has enjoyed such a constant stream of visitors. I might ( in my politer and less frazzled moments ) call them plumbers, electricians, masons, joiners, gardeners but to him they are all possible bearers of edible goodies or ball throwing companions.

Two months on and Wilf is proving to be a perfect companion. In the absence of the bundle of anarchy that was his little brother he sails serenely and contentedly through the day. He trots beside us on his early morning walk , he settles quietly under tables in restaurants, he waits patiently in the doorway of the baker and butcher. 'The font' is thoroughly enjoying this well mannered lifestyle . I must admit to missing the frenetic, lead tangling, routine disrupting, you go right I'll go left, lunacy of two dogs.

Some of you asked about the link between Condoleezza Rice and Aretha Franklin. Later this month they will be performing together at a concert in Philadelphia in aid of their favourite charities. Ms.Rice is a very accomplished pianist who regularly played for the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Quite a renaissance woman: Provost of Stanford, Secretary of State, and a concert pianist in her spare time. How do these people manage to do it?.


  1. Wilf always looks as if he just can't believe what's happening.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. During a discussion about builders, a friend who lives in NW Scotland (but not a local) told me in this part of the world the general belief is that 'Manana' is a concept involving far too much haste. But at least there, people are often equally relaxed about payment times.
    So pleased that Wilf is enjoying life.
    And yes, Condoleezza Rice, what a lady! And apparently keeping better company these days,,,,,
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. I suppose she doesn't have a husband to look after

  4. I am sure Wilf misses Digby (as we all do) but he seems to be enjoying the only dog lifestyle.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Mom thinks Wilf looks like our neighbor Mr. V :)

  5. Hey there Mongoose
    It's interesting to hear about Wilf's transition to a singular life...Tammy's is following much the same pattern. I've never seen her as happy as she is now: She can stretch out across the pillows and convey her subtle managerial nuances to the two Maltese twits without a hiccup. (Oh sorry, I are a Toffee fan!...I'm happy to report that he is very well having usurped all the heaters and all the attention)
    Enjoy the game on Sunday (Did you know we have our own "Paul the Octopus" in SA - but he's called "Jabulani the Octopus" and resides in Cape Town's acquarium. Both these leggy fellows have predicted a Spanish win, LOL!)

  6. Wilf has the best expressions!

    Install the panes? What sort of lunacy is that? Obviously you forgot that rational is not particularly valued there in deepest France profunde.

  7. Thanks for talking about the link between Condoleeza Rice and Aretha Franklin. I kept wondering long after I left your blog what the connection might be.

    While I'm sure Wilf missed Digby, I'm glad he's able to still enjoy life without him.

  8. My mother always had a saying about people wanting things they did not deserve. Something about hell and ice water if I recall :)

  9. Hold on, I just saw you questioning the existence of a Mustard Museum over at the Chit Chat room! And, you are the person who went to a place-setting museum and then a garden clipper museum a little while ago :)

    We've had one dog for very brief periods in our life and it is serene. But, I agree with you that I miss all the interactions and insanity of multiple dogs. We had three dogs for a couple of years... now that's insanity squared. Can you imagine the Thundering Herd in your house?

    Condoleezza Rice is one multi-talented woman - no doubt!

  10. I didn't know that Condoleeza Rice actually considered becoming a professional musician and is a celebrated amateur pianist--She even performed for Queen Elizabeth in 2008. What I find particularly interesting is the obvious political party differences. Rice, the quintessential Republican, will play with the life-long Democrat who didn't vote for Rice's former employer. According to Franklin, they've put their differences aside for this show, and this will be a bipartisan effort for their favorite charities--Music and politics meshing on a whole different level!

  11. I have so enjoyed my visits this week to your blog...I was sad after Digby died (I began visiting when I heard of his illness) and hadn't known how reading your blog is truly like reading a good book, armchair travel kind of book!

    And it is sweet to see the changes in Wilf and parts of his personality that where hidden before...he just makes me smile when I see his happy face!