Friday, July 30, 2010

What's going on here then ?

Out of the front gate with Wilf in the early morning to be met by the sight of four large orange trucks parked by the village green. It would seem that the mayor has called in a few favours and the village is having a quick spruce up ahead of the firing up of the reconstructed pottery kiln and the arrival of the expected crowds. As Wilf carefully christened each truck tyre we could see that the holes in the tarmac on the square are being filled in and the track to the kiln covered with fresh gravel. There hasn't been such excitement , or activity, here since the liberation.

Last nights pre-kindling of the kiln events were as dramatic as might have been expected. While 'the font' and yours truly went to a catatonia inducing lecture on the development of pottery in the village ( thankfully enlivened by copious glasses of a cheeky local red) the mongeese were off in the church hall dealing with the physique attentive ladies of the arts club. Over dinner 'the font' , the American houseguests and I were introduced to the colloquial use of the word 'cougar'. What one learns as one gets older.

After breakfast twenty minutes spent looking into the hole where the pool house used to be. The termites have done a good job of munching their way through the roof beams . Satisfied that pump and filters were working properly, Wilf joined me for a quick trip into town to buy chemicals for the pool. A stop off at the local bar for a bowl of water and a cup of coffee. By the time we got there the outside tables had been taken by holidaying Germans so inside it had to be. Wilf wasn't bothered - the absinthe and beer drinkers still tousled his hair and said ' bonjour Vilfee.


  1. Wilf looks a bit dispondent in the header. Perhaps his walk was late?

  2. Life in your little village sounds idyllic, especially from the Wilf perspective. Alternatively, I'm sure it could also be frustrating, exasperating as well many other "atings" that don't come to mind. As to that first impression was that of wishing well, rather than kiln, from your earlier photo. Will the festivities include fire extinguishers?

  3. You didn't know what a cougar was?! *wipes away tears of mirth* I think the cougars had you in their sights!

    I love how exciting you make things sound there. Perhaps it's the red still talking!

  4. Ahh, were the artistic cougars on the prowl for your A&F greeting mongoslings?

  5. Never a dull moment in the life of Wilf. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. Your writing just takes me to a happy place! :)

  7. Is that in the second to bottom picture?

    I like the new header picture.

    I love how there's always something going on there.

  8. We've learned a lot of slang from our contact with college students. At one time last year, I referred to myself as a "bear magnet" because I see more bears in the woods than anyone I know. Well, that has quite a colorful meaning, let me tell you! There are a few other examples that we've used seriously only to provoke giggles in college students... but your blog is G rated so I'll spare you them.

    You make your town sound like the zaniest place in the world.

    BTW, I googled "decaratrice", a word that you used yesterday (I'm always trying to learn new words). It informed me that I'd spelled it wrong (for English, I think), but your blog was the #1 result for the French spelling... Ironic.

  9. Mongoose...just heard a loud boom, hoping the kiln didn't blow up and take the town with it !!!

    Enjoy the visitors Vilfie...any luck snagging crumbs??